Tell Us Your Story and Win!

April 29, 2009 10:57:34 AM PDT
Check out these great viewer Mother & Daughter shopping stories! Thanks to everyone who participated. Ramona Taylor
My daughter had just gotten her driver's permit and I was going to let her drive us to the mall to do some shopping. I informed her that part of learning to drive was to know how to put gas in the car, so I stood to the side to allow her that responsibility. She put the nozzle into the tank but was not aware that there was the little "thingy" you have to push past. As soon as she began to pump the gas it back splashed all over us. She quickly released the handle, but we were pretty well soaked in gasoline. Then I explained about the little device that the nozzle had to push through in order to get the gas into the tank. That worked much better. When we got to the mall we still smelled strongly of gas, so whenever we got too close to people we would sniff the air and say, "I think I smell gas!" and then we would look around as if seeking the guilty party.

Jodie Fuentes - Carteret, NJ
One day my mother, 2 daughters and I were all shopping in a store. I'm a little person so is one of my daughters. We get stared at all the time. This one time it was bad and I got into and argument with this women who was not correcting her child for laughing and making fun of us. I feel upset to see my 8 year old get upset. All she wants to do is shop without people staring at us. Yes, I teach her everyday about it but, it would be nice to go out and just once not get made fun of or stared at. I would love to be able to this for my daughter. Thank you.

Maryann - Bronx, NY
I was with my two boys and my mother-in-law in Marshalls one day, like we are almost every day. My mother-in-law wanted this shirt so bad, she tried it on right in the center of the store over her blouse. After finding out that the shirt was too tight she lifted the shirt from over her head, both blouses came off of her and she was standing there with just her bra. My boys screamed and said "Mommy! Grandma is naked!" and I said to my mother-in-law, "That's why they have dressing rooms."

Phyllis Mannick - Lindenhurst, NJ
My daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, and I were holiday shopping. She saw a blue object (she loved anything blue). I told her it was a dreidel that Jewish children played with. She was quiet for awhile and then in a very loud voice said "MOMMY, MOMMY PLEASE MAKE ME JEWISH. I WANT TO BE JEWISH!"

Turia Goggins - NY
My 10 year old daughter, Tapri, and I were at Macy's. I was shopping for shoes. Tapri decided she was going to shop for some as well as she recently discovered she can fit into a woman's size 5. So I'm walking around the store looking at shoes and I hear people laughing and saying she looks so cute. To my surprise Tapri had on a black pair of pumps, they had to have been 3 inches high. My girl was walking in those shoes better than I had ever walked in heels before. The saleswomen were all smiles too. This had been a laugh for everyone. Tapri begged me to buy those shoes for her but I didn't, I promised that as soon as she was stable enough to wear heels she get her 1st pair from Macy's.

Jenifer Bastoni - Bayside, NY
My mom and I absolutely LOVE shopping at Marshalls! Since I live in New York and my mother lives in New Hampshire, I make the four hour drive to be with her on the weekends and go shopping! However, since the economy has hit everyone hard, it would be so exciting for me to surprise her with an awesome shopping day on Mother's Day! I am an only child and am very close with my parents. Unfortunately, I don't get to see my mom as much as I would like and this gift certificate would make our weekend absolutely unforgettable.

Debbie Schechter - Suffern, NY
When I was about 13, my mother had her second surgery to remove her uterus and not too long after the surgery, we both went shopping at the Garden State mall. We were walking outside some of the stores and the alarms were going off. We didn't know why they were going off but we realized that it was the surgery that set off the alarms. I kept laughing hysterically that it was stuff inside my mom that set these alarms off and that we didn't even have to walk into the stores.

Keisha Powell - Hillside, NJ
I am a single mother. I have always loved to shop since I was a little girl. Now that I have a daughter, I try to use shopping as our girls day outings. We love this time to Bond. We shop, eat, sight-see.

Tiffany Monique Freckleton - Rosedale, NY
My mom and I love to shop together. We ask each other opinions and my mom loves shopping with me because we are basically the same size now so she gets to wear my (in fashion) outfits. I am 21 and away at college, so she has a field day with what I leave at home. Regardless, I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you mom!

Jennifer Laraque - Brooklyn, NY
My mother comes here for vacation every summer. She is from Haiti. One day we went to the mall on Columbus circle on 59th St. We were looking for some nice jeans and got into the 'Esprit' store. We found nice washed out denims and decided to each get one in our sizes. Mind you they were not on sale and my mom told me we can get them for cheaper. So I tell her "How do we do that smarty?!' I was really embarrassed to bargain with the salesperson. My mom doesn't speak an ounce of English, so I asked the manager. Turns out my mom detected his French accent and asked him where he was from. He was from the south of France. So my mom says, "I went on Vacation there," and they somehow started talking about a nice little bistro and agreed that their pastries were the best in the region. I couldn't believe it! She charmed him right out of his socks. In the end he gave us a 20% discount and his cell number. We still laugh about that. That was the best shopping day we had.

Randi Romero - Arverne, NY
I have a 2yr old & I can't go shopping without her. I was in Macy's trying something on in the fitting room and I felt so disgusted once I looked at myself in the mirror. My 2yr old Anniya stop playing & looked at me and said mommy you look pretty, mommy look nice. My self esteem shot back up and I bought the outfit.

Annmarie Lubas - Hackettstown, NJ
My mom and I have been going to Marshalls since I was a little kid and the only place we knew of was by my uncle's house in Long Island. My most memorable trip was about 5 years ago when we stopped at Marshalls after going to a family birthday party. My mom had a lot of wine to drink with my aunts so when we got to Marshalls we decided to look around separately. After a little while I was done and ready to pay so I went looking for my mother. Ten minutes later I find her in the shoe section and see something orange in her hand. I ask if I could see it and she shows me the most hideous orange shirt ever!!! I tell her my thoughts about the shirt and she then tries to convince me that it's just what she's been looking for and she can't wait to get it home to wear it. As we made our way to the front of the store I tried to convince her to put it back but she didn't want to hear it. So we got to the cashier and sure enough she bought it among other things. Then we went home and I quickly forgot about the shirt until 2 days later when she asked me why I let her buy such an awful shirt! Lesson learned: Daughters should not let their moms drink wine and shop!

Marie Fisher - Bayonne, NJ
My daughter and I always travel to Cape Cod on the first weekend of December for Christmas by the sea. On the way up from New Jersey we always make our first shopping stop at Marshall's right outside of Providence. Two years ago we tried our luck at the Providence Mall for a big sale which lasted longer than we anticipated. Even though it was late and still at least an hour from Cape Cod, we stopped at Marshall's and stayed till it closed, packing our car to the brim. To our delight we found that right down the road from our Inn, they opened a new Marshall's. We were in our glory. On our return we stayed in Newport, RI and found a Marshall's store in Middletown, RI. Of course, it too was right down the road from our hotel. Talk about luck. Christmas memories and Marshall's, we always make them together.

Dana Hutchins - Hazlet, NJ
My daughter and I frequently shop at our local Marshalls. Well on one of our trips, after about an hour and a half of shopping, I was finishing up. I went to the dressing room to try on my clothes. My 4-year old daughter had enough shopping at this time and was crying because she wanted to leave. So as I hung my unwanted items on the rack, my daughter says "Can we go now"? I answered "I just have to pay and then we can leave". My little angel turned to me and said (as if this was normal) "Can't you just stick it under your shirt?" My face turned bright red. I have never stolen anything in my life. Where did this child learn this? I started to sweat. Now was I shaking, sweating and couldn't speak. I got on a line (TO PAY) that seemed like it would never end.
Another time we were leaving Shoprite and my little angel mentioned above wanted candy. I told her "not this time". She carried on and I gave her "the look". Her response was "I know your going to lock me in the trunk if I don't stop". Never did that either. Kayla is now 12 :).

Mandy Brito - Manahawkin, NJ
When my mother and I went shopping for my wedding dress we had planned a whole special day. We were going to go with a few of my bridesmaids and shop for all of us than have a nice lunch out. Well we started early in the morning and met at my house. One of my bridesmaids was a few weeks away from graduating and she had as her final project to record and keep tract of a baby. It was a very expensive fake baby that had to be changed and fed. So she had to bring it with her and it recorded all it's movements. When we got to our first store I was in the midst of picking out my first few dresses and the 'baby' started crying. So my mom took the baby and was trying to calm it. I came out of the room expecting everyone to be waiting with baited breath. Well no one was even paying attention to me. The baby had started to have a huge crying fit, screaming and no one could get it to stop. So the manager came over and asked my mother and bridesmaid to leave. So they were outside the shop trying to figure out how to get this kid to be quiet. Taking the batteries out would be an automatic zero. I had one of the sales girls bring my mom back so she could actually see me in some dresses. It was funny, everyone thought at first the baby was real and my mom was the 'baby's' grandma. "Couldn't get your grandchild to relax huh?" People were making comments and snickering. I ended up finding a dress that day and realized that I didn't have enough cash on me to pay for it. So we had to go to the bank and make a withdrawal. My mom had the unhappy task of waiting for us at the store with the dress and baby. Well the baby started on another crying jag and my mom had to leave again and wait outside in 90 degree heat with a screaming baby until we got back. The 'baby's' batteries eventually died and I got my dress and a ton of employees that were very happy see us go. It definitely was a day we wouldn't forget.

Rachel Kammen - Wyckoff, NJ My mom and I always go shopping together. We love to shop and she always picks great outfits out for me. But one day I decided to take her shopping and pick out outfits for her. It was so fun and she got to be me for once. Shopping is like a bonding experience for us and it brings us closer together.

Christina Natalello - New York, NY When I was 3 years old, my mother, my aunt, and I went shopping in a department store. Both of them assumed that I was with the other, but I had gone off on my own adventure. When they met back up, they were both shocked to see that I was with neither of them, and promptly began to panic. Mall security was notified, the police were notified, and all store employees were searching for me. My mother said that she was crying as everyone looked for me. Suddenly, I popped out from a coat rack yelling, "Here I am!" Luckily, I haven't given my mother that much trouble since!

Shanequa Aiken - Bronx, NY My mom and I went shopping at Century 21 in Long Island one day. We both saw a pair of shoes by Marc Jacobs that we both wanted. The only problem was the shoe was in neither of our sizes. I am a size 10 & my mom is a size 6 but, the only available size was a 7. We both started to argue about them but she decided to buy the shoes anyway and put shoe guards, tissue, & anything she can find in them so they would fit.

Cathy Brown - NY
I like to comb the city to find the best price for name brand comfort shoes. My daughter and I went to ShoeMania in Union Square as I went to see the MBT shoes in person. I wanted to ask about the pricing, but the salesman insisted that I try them on. My daughter told me "go ahead, try them on since we're here" so I tried them on. The salesman helped me put on the shoes, laced them and I walked around the store to see how they fit. My daughter told me to try a different style. The salesman said "Yes, try on all you want, I don't mind!" and he went to get the next style. Facing my daughter and still wearing the first pair, I told my daughter "he seems a little TOO enthusiastic to sell these $250 shoes!" I didn't realize that the clerk had come back and was standing behind me. He said "These shoes are great and worth it for the price". Shocked that he heard me (and that my daughter didn't warn me that he was behind me) I said "Well that's easy for you to say as a salesman.. you will say anything to get someone to buy it...I don't see you wearing a pair". He lifted his pants leg to show that he INDEED was wearing a pair of the MBT shoes. My face dropped!! daughter laughed so hard and for so long she was in tears... I took off the shoes and we left the store. She still calls it the "ShoeMania MBT shoe incident" and we laugh every time we think of it.

Patricia Monks - Wayne NJ
I was shopping with my mother, we were shopping and talking and not really paying attention to things. We looked at some shoes in the shoe department and then continued throughout the store, gabbing and shopping. We pretty much covered the whole store when I got a feeling people were looking at us. I then realized we had a carriage that was filled with work boots. My mother and I laughed and laughed and then snuck back to get our carriage.

Sylvia Albala - Manchester, NJ
While my daughter and I were shopping in the mall we both had to use the ladies room. I went into one stall and she another. All of a sudden there was a thunderous sound coming from the stall next to me. I knocked on the stall wall and said "Ah, That's my girl!" All of a sudden there was not a sound in the ladies room. I finished, washed my hands and went outside telling my daughter I would wait for her there. When I came out there was my daughter so hysterical laughing I could not get a word out of her. Well, it seemed it was not my daughter in the next stall it was someone else. We waited for a while but the woman never came out of the ladies room. We wonder if she ever came out. This is a story we tell every one because it was so very funny.

Lillian R Rodriguez - Newark, NJ
My daughter Maylene's second home is Marshalls. Last week I was very depressed (health issues, never got over the loss of my dad, etc) and so I "lost it" and threw away 5 new pairs of shoes. My daughter patiently went to Marshalls and came home w/ 5 new pairs for her and when I went to my room she had purchased the exact kind of shoes and amount for me and since that day I just can't stop laughing!!!

Wendy Locklin - Toms River, NJ
When I was nine and my sister was eight, my mom took us clothes shopping for school. On our way home from the store, the back door of the car swung open when my mother drove the car around a bend. My sister fell out of the moving car!! (Back then, there were no seat belts!)The car behind us stopped and helped my sister. She did not get hurt. My mother didn't realize that my sister fell out until about two or three blocks later. (I was too shocked & scared to say anything!) We all laugh about it today.

Christa Porter - Newburgh, New York
My mother and I love to shop. I have always said that I was born with a credit card in my mouth instead of a silver spoon. One day on a shopping trip at BonTon with my wonderful mother, we were, of course, in the shoe department. The shoe department is our favorite place in a store. My mother happened to be trying on a pair of shoes that she adored and was planning on purchasing. She placed the shoes back into the box getting ready to buy them. We started to walk to the register and she suddenly said to me, "Christa, something doesn't feel right!" At that moment we both looked down at her feet and saw that she had one of her shoes on and the other one was the new shoe!! She had mistakenly placed one of her shoes into the box! We both started laughing so loud that the store clerk asked us what was so funny. We were laughing so hard that we couldn't even tell her what was wrong!! This is just one of the many shopping experiences that we have encountered.

Lori Hilliard - Nashville, TN
When we go to someplace like Marshall's, we both can enjoy ourselves and have fun going through all the racks because it's decently priced and I don't have to stress over mall pricing and telling my daughter "no", but she often gets a "yes you can" at Marshall's. We go to Marshall's and she's looking for items for me and I'm looking for items for her. Talking and laughing with no stress is such a great bonding experience for us.

Jean Hallinan - Valley Cottage
My Mom, Janet and I love to shop together...but the thing with my Mom is that she is ALWAYS buying gifts for others and not herself! I would love for her to win a prize so she could treat herself to something for a change! We always have fun spending time together and I am lucky I have her as my Mom!!

Fran Zunno - Wantagh, NY
While shopping at a small department store when my younger daughter Lisa was four years old, I suddenly noticed in a panic that she was not by my side. A salesgirl and I went looking for her and found her in the women's shoe dept, prancing around in a pair of high heels! She always loved to put on my high heels and pretend that she was Vanna White! Well, Lisa is now 21 years old and still loves to shop!!!

Sandra Farkas - Brooklyn, NY
I have a 19 year old daughter, and I am 56. I remember the good old days when I was able to shop for her when she was in elementary school and she would love all the pretty dresses I brought home. Now, what a nightmare! She drags me from store to store to help her pick out nice clothes. I would tell her as she was growing up, "I will always be your best friend in life". I'm glad she's my best friend too!

Sanshika Porterfield - Belleville, NJ
A couple of weeks ago, my 5 year old daughter and I went to out local Payless Shoes store for some summer shoes. She immediately saw purple wedge shoes that caught her eye because she is much more fashionable than I. She proceeded to put on the shoes, her pink Dora sunglasses, hands on her hips and danced to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce all the while looking at herself in a full- length mirror. She did not know all the words but she did tell me that the song was played at a recent dance held at her school and she kept snapping her fingers to the tune and "modeling" the shoes in front of the mirror. I was laughing so hard I could not take a picture of her that day. All I could think was "My goodness, my daughter will be such a diva when she is 6 years old!!"

Barbara Noyes - Blauvelt, NY
I was shopping in the junior's section of Macy's (despite my age, I am built more like a junior than a miss) and picked up a shirt I liked. My daughter shook her head and I looked aghast. I asked her if I was too old for it, and she said, unless I was a rock star, yes I was. I was so sad and trudged over to the misses section with the 20 year old models wearing cardigan sets. I tried on a set, but there was no way that I looked as youthful and appropriate as the models. I decided not to buy anything that day. For my birthday, my daughters took me out and bought me clothes from Esprit that I still get lots of compliments on. They are my own "What not to Wear!"

Tamika D. Wilks - Rahway, NJ
My mother, Grace, and I love to shop when she comes to town. But, the catch is, my mother loves to go shopping at Garage Sales! She will just about stop traffic to get to any and every Garage Sale that comes along. Then, if she wants an item badly, like furniture or a mirror, she makes me help her lift and drag this stuff and piles it all in my's so embarrassing sometimes! She loves a Bargain!

Lhakpa Dolma - Jackson, NJ
My ten-year-old daughter always tells me. "Mom, today you're going to buy something for yourself." We don't shop a lot, we can't afford it, but when we do, I always buy something for my three daughters. I haven't bought anything for myself in many, many years. She refuses to choose anything by saying, "Mom why don't you buy anything for yourself?" A few times we ended up in the car without buying anything.

Shalom Greenwald - Brooklyn, NY
My mother and sister would take hours to shop just for one item and than decide not to buy it because it is too much. I also remember my mother would do window shopping at the Salvation Army second hand store.

Maria Anan - Fords, NJ
My dad is recovering from major surgery, so I decided to take my mom out to cheer her up and I got more than I bargained for. My mother is 78 years old and just an inch under 5 feet (a cute little Italian lady). We were going shopping at a local mall. It was a nice relaxing day until this man tried to pick her up. I was ahead of my mom on line and this, what appeared to be man in his late 80's, said "What's that you are buying?" My mom politely responded, "Clothes." He continued to comment on her clothes and my mom smiled and turned away. "I can take care of that if you would like and then we can go out," the man said. It was disturbing to watch my mother get picked up, but at the end of the day we had a good laugh, and it certainly pushed my father to get better quicker.

Gayle Saracino - Mt. Kisco, NY
Years ago I was potty training my stubborn, two-year-old daughter and the doctor told me to have her sing a song whenever on the potty. She was very interested in visiting any bathroom when we went out. One outing took me to a home improvement center. My eyes were off her for one minute and I hear a small child singing god bless America Looking behind me, there she is in the bathroom area going potty and belting out her song. We were so proud of her achievement.

Chriscensia Valdez - Dumont, New Jersey
I have to start my story by saying we had a fire and lost everything October, 27, 2008 and we finally saved enough money to go shopping to get a few spring clothes for school. We went shopping on a Saturday and I told my daughter you have an hour to shop because we where going to see her grand mother. My daughter took a lot of clothes into the dressing room and she was taking way to long to come out to let me see what it looked like. I came to find out that she was taking pictures of herself and sending it to her girl friend so they could decide what she should get. I was angry at first but realized my daughter was very happy to get new clothes for school since we lost everything in the fire. My daughter is a junior in high school, who no matter what has never missed a day of school ever. I am very proud of her!

Natalie Leder Davis - Brooklyn, NY
I took my two year old daughter shopping for shoes. While shopping for her I decided to check out some styles for me. This was a mistake. One of my boots turned up missing! Had she hidden one of them? Embarrassed as I was, I hobbled on one boot and one foot to the counter to leave my phone number for lost. I held my daughter and walked through five inches of snow & drove home with the driving foot's boot missing! Three days later there was a message from Marshall's- they found my boot under the lid of a lime green crock pot.

Luisa Furtado - Kearny, NJ
Once, my daughter and I went to a store at the mall, and the store was dark, very little lighting, and I was looking at the clothes on a mannequin. All of a sudden, I thought my daughter was standing next to me, and I was talking to her, when she comes from behind me, and says, who are you talking to, and I said, I was talking to you, and in reality, I was talking to the mannequin all that time. I was so embarrassed, she told all her friends. The mannequin, looked really real, like a real person.

Flores Sarmiento - Bloomfield, NJ
Shopping with my daughter is very hard because what she wants she can't get it and what I want for her she doesn't like. So I'm kind of looking for a bargain but she's kind of looking for style. In general, money is the issue on shopping. The money is so tight now we could only shop once a month. So winning the $100 from Marshalls is a big relief for us.

Milagros Miranda - Brooklyn, NY
I hope I win this because my mom always thinks about other people but herself. She wears worn out clothes and still has a purse for more than ten years now! I would like to win this for her. We love Marshalls!

Jill Ford - Astoria, NY
My mother and I were shopping at Rite Aid pharmacy one afternoon when we came across a shoplifter. It was not until the thief looked at me and remembered I used to work there. The woman right away threw all her items down on the ground and said, "Let me get the heck out of here." Well my mother and I had a good laugh over lunch that day!

Rosalyn Mitchell - Lane, SC
My daughter (Kenyatta) and I are serious shoppers. We love to take a weekend and ride to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head SC and go to the outlets. My favorite story that I like to tell is when she and I and a friend that was visiting from out of state, spend the weekend on Myrtle Beach! We got to the outlets around 930am and didn't leave to go back to the room until 8:30 that night! The friend has now told us she will drive her own car the next time we are going to the outlets. I have two great daughters and a special son; but the thing that makes this great is that I am only 15 years older than this daughter. We have a really special bond and shopping is just a part of it!

Tawanna Roebuck - Newark, NJ
I work at New Jersey Transit on Saturday and Sunday. I am a single parent. My aunt Emily is kind enough to baby-sit my daughter on the weekends and their favorite hang out spot is Marshall's. It would be nice if they could win a Marshall's gift certificate.

Tina Hlinka - Califon, NJ
My mother and I always go shopping together. I've been married for 10 years now and I still go shopping with her. We go together but always split up. We like to look in different depts.

Ivette Sosa - Brooklyn, NY
Since money is tight at the moment, we have to be creative with shopping. Our way of shopping is looking through magazines and picking outfits that we like and when we have the money we will get the outfit.

Janice Doyle - Bethpage, NY
My mother worked in Marshalls all her life and loved to shop. When she retired we still would spend hours in the store together. Our last time out together in public before she passed away we had to take the wheelchair for her. Mom always loved shoes so we wound up in the shoe dept. I got Mom in a regular seat and we tried on shoes together. I put all our coats and bags in the wheelchair. Mom wanted a pair of brown shoes so I wheeled the wheelchair over to the cashier to pay for them. I heard Mom and some other people laughing, as Mom was yelling "You forgot me!"

Susan Dingman - Oak Ridge, NJ
I recently needed a dress for a wedding and after two months of looking, I was having a hard time finding "the perfect one". I live in New Jersey and went to a local Marshalls-I found the dress!! Just not in my size! So after checking several other Marshalls in the area, I called my mother in Lexington Kentucky to tell her my sad story!! I described the dress to her and she immediately drove to a Marshalls near her house- AND FOUND THE EXACT DRESS IN THE EXACT SIZE!! She bought it for me, folded it up and mailed it to me just in time for the wedding-I was so happy, especially since she no longer lives "around the corner" and we don't get to go shopping together like we used too! What a mother/daughter team effort, even from a distance! I received many compliments on the dress and was sure to tell everyone our "Marshalls" shopping story!

Antoinette Addeo - Farmingdale, NY
My sisters and I decided one day to all take off from work on a Friday and go out shopping with our mother for the day. We had a great day all together and my mother was extremely happy to have her three daughters all together at one time. It was meant to be because 2 days later my mother passed away very suddenly. Me my sisters and myself all remember that day with fond memories and how happy my mother was that day.

Gerrie Rahey - New York, NY
This happened 28 years ago. My mom and I lived 3 blocks from each other in Brooklyn. I took Christmas week off to do shopping. On one of the days, my Mom went with me. We had tons of packages, so I said I would help her home and carry her packages and then I would go home, as we were both very tired. She lived in a brownstone ground floor apartment. Upon approaching her apartment door, I noticed the lock had been tampered with. Before I could pull her back she had entered and fortunately, no one was in there. I followed her and armed us with kitchen knives just in case. We were walking back out to the vestibule to get the packages when this guy comes running out from behind the basement door. I grabbed him and held him at knife point and wrestled a bag he had in his hand which I thought was a gun with my other hand. Turned out to be burglar tools. (I am 5'2" - he was 6' tall). My mother ran in to call the police. The police came and he was arrested. Mom and I spent that night at police headquarters having to identify him in a lineup. Anyway, justice was served and no one got hurt.

Donna Distaulo - Jersey City, NJ
I am a mother of five children and my youngest daughter Kelsey and I are obsessed with Marshall's. Whenever I mention to Kelsey, who is 13 years old, that we are going to Marshall's, she puts on her best clothes and wraps a scarf around her neck and glows with joy as soon as we enter the store. She heads right over to the shoe dept and tries on all designer shoes and I watch her look in the mirror with excitement, Then she quietly comes over to me and says, Mom do you think these look nice? Can I have them? It's just so much fun to be able to try as many pair of shoes on without being bothered by a clerk, we love Marshall's.

Trisha Sheehan - Deer Park, NY
I was having a bridal gown fitting, not the first one, but a few months out from the wedding, when my mom looks at me with a beaming smile. I adjust the top of the dress a little bit and my mom says, "Don't worry, Honey, they can sew some padded cups in there." I look down at where my cleavage should be then back to her and respond, "They already did." We both had a good laugh then asked the seamstress for 'fuller' cups.

Lacreshea Cox - Brooklyn, NY
I took my mother shopping with my sisters. My mother has nine girls no boys. We went to dinner and I got her a foot massage. I was so jealous when a man came up to her and said which one of you is the mother and which is the daughter. I love my mom cause she has been threw a lot with her kids.

Betsy Wallhauser - Fair Haven, NJ
I was shopping with my girls at Marshalls when a grandma asked our opinion about how a Christmas tree skirt looked on her! (she thought it was a wrap!)

Eden Itzcowitz - Highland Mills, NY
My best mother daughter shopping moment was with my 14 yr old daughter Maya. She has scoliosis & has worn a back brace for almost 3 years. Do to the shape & width of the brace she was forced to wear sweats & t shirts every day. Well, one day fashion finally caught up with her! Jeans went low rise & baby doll tops came back into fashion. We grabbed every cool thing we could find & headed into the dressing room. Once dressed the 2 of us looked into the mirror & burst into tears! For the 1st time Maya was dressed like all her friends, like a typical teen. These were not expensive clothes but her smile was priceless! It was the first time in a long time that she left a dressing room with tears of joy instead of tears of frustration! She could not wait for school the next day!

Mylene Paraiso - Jersey City, NJ
My daughter & I were at KB toys. I told her that she can buy something worth $5. After 10 minutes, I lost her. I was shouting her name finding her. The she shouted back so loud "Mom, I'm over here.. But I can't find anything $5". Oh my God, the people around us laughed and I felt so embarrassed looking like a very cheap mom... The story does not end there. She finally found 3 items worth $5. I told her that she can only buy one toy. Then she says" Mom, but they are all $5" :)

Cathie Gould - Center Moriches, NY
My daughter Marie and I went spring shopping, along with my other daughter Jackie (who is 2 years old.) Marie was about 13 at the time, and she was going through her "awkward stage" She was wearing capris and a tank top, along with 5 inch platform flip-flops! I have no idea what she was thinking. We had our hands full while waiting online to check out. Jackie then started running down one of the aisles, my first reaction was to tell Marie to go get her. So there goes my Marie, running full speed ahead (in her platform flip- flops) after Jackie. After about a minute I hear "BOOM" there is Marie flat on her face in the middle of a crowded store. I was completely mortified. People started gathering around Marie asking where her mother was, I too then asked Marie where her mother was. She was so embarrassed. That was about 4 years ago. Marie is now 17 years old, and she and I to this day can not stop laughing at this particular shopping experience.

Marie Volpe - Center Moriches, NY
My Mom and I went spring shopping when I was about 13 years old. My sister who just learned how to walk was also with us. We had our hands full of clothes, and we were waiting online to check out. Now mind you, I was 13 years old and I was going through the famous "awkward stage" I was wearing capris, with a tank, and also these 5 inch platform flip flops! I know I have no idea what I was thinking. So as my Mom and I were waiting online, my baby sister started running down one of the aisles. My Mom's first reaction was to tell me to go after her, so there I go running full speed ahead (in my platform flip- flops) and I fall right smack on my face. Now if this wasn't embarrassing enough, I started crying. People started gathering around me, asking where my Mom was. But not only did random people ask who my Mom was, but my own Mom did too. She was completely mortified because I fell on my face. So moral of my story is, don't run in a crowded store, with platform flip- flops. I am now 17 years old, and even to this day, this particular shopping experience.

Kathy Dawson - Highland Falls NY
This is not a great story. When my daughter was to go to her senior prom we had planned to go shopping for her dress. I was just recently separated from her dad and he was dating her future step mother Her step mother's mother worked at Macy's so when my daughter went to her dad's for the weekend they decided to get her dress. This did not go over big with me. I felt very cheated from helping my daughter pick out her first formal.

Maximina Merritt - Lincoln Park, NJ
I am a mother of three and the one thing I enjoy doing whether it's with my sons or daughter is shopping with them. And to know that they still enjoy shopping with me it's a gift in itself!! Especially since they are 29, 27, and 26!!!! And I'm 48 and they still ask for my opinion.

Shannah - Hackensack, NJ
My mother and I went shopping in a liquidators. We were in the store for about a hour. After we were done shopping we walked to the car and put the bags in the trunk. When it came time to get into the car, the keys were no where to be found. We locked them in the trunk and had to walk from Maywood to Hackensack. We called a cab once we got home to get a ride back to the store to get the keys out with my mom's spare key. That never happened again

Lisa Ring - Fair Haven, NJ
It is prom time of year & as I am busy taking my own daughter shopping for her prom dress I am reminded of the crazy experience I had when shopping for MY prom dress over 30 years ago. My Mom & I did the usual routine - going from store to store. When I finally found the perfect dress at a now defunct dept store) I was elated. We found my size & went into the dressing room to try the beautiful dress on. I can remember it very clearly. It was chiffon with tiny little flowers all over & spaghetti straps. It would look perfect with my "Dorothy Hamill" haircut!! The dress was very simple- no zippers or buttons. The kind you just slip over your head. Up went my arms & Mom slid the dress down over my head. It seemed a bit snug but we managed to get it on. It didn't take but a few seconds for me to realize that there was something terribly wrong with the dress. The lining was so incredibly tight that I started having trouble breathing. Panicking I told my Mom " get it off, get it off'. It was so tight that my lungs were being constricted. We tried to remove it over my head, we tried to remove it down my hips. No luck. That darn dress was stuck for good & not budging. After I started turning shades of blue my mother was forced to resort to drastic actions. Out of her very well stocked purse came a pair of tiny travel sewing scissors. Without even hesitating- after all her daughter was suffocating- my mother took the scissors & proceeded to cut me out of the very misshapen dress. At last- air!! Not knowing what else to do, we left the dress in the fitting room & slithered out. That is one shopping experience that both my other & I will NEVER forget!!

Linda Stacer - Bellerose, NY
My daughter Laryssa and I love shopping at Tanger Mall. Our favorite store is LENOX...we always find something there either for ourselves or for a gift...

Kimberly Behlin - Brooklyn, NY
One day I was down on myself and needed someone to lift my spirits. My mother, who is always there when I need her, asked me did I want to go shopping. I told her yes. We went to Manhattan and we spent the whole day shopping. Not so much of buying stuff, but the quality time we spent together made me feel a whole lot better than how my day originally started.

Lauren Hopkins Sheridan - Staten Island, NY
When I was a young teenager, I went to the mall with my MOM, we would always enter the Mall at the end where a large department store. We would always go in the store and try on new perfumes. My mom went in one direction and I went in the other, I found something to try right away. My Mom was gone for a while so I started to look for her. When I found her I was horrified. there she was holding a fancy bottle just pumping away. I asked her what she was doing, She said "I wanted to try this one but it must be broken" I could not believe my eyes. I told her "Thats not perfume, that's lotion!" She had pumped it so much waiting for the mist of perfume to hit her neck, that she had made a huge blob of lotion on her coat. I was so embarrassed then, but now, years later I think it is really funny.

Rebertha - Queens, NY
one day me and my daughter went shoe shopping and when we got home the two shoes were different styles and two left feet. LOL

Lori Scherer - Riverside, CT
My mother and I would wait for my father to go to work and as soon as he closed the front door, she and I would travel from Long Island, NY, to the Cohoes manufacturing Company in Cohoes, N.Y. This was an over three hour drive, but a worthwhile experience. First a quick lunch in the employee lunch room and then four glorious hours of shopping the finest in women's apparel. We would travel back home and get dinner on the table just as my father's key entered the front door. My mother now eighty- four and I still laugh about our girlhood escapades and the fact my father never had a clue.

Diane Fox - New York, NY
My mom and I wear the same size and like the same styles. Whenever she needs a new outfit, she sits on my bed and says, well I need to go shopping in your closet. It's time to donate to your mom's favorite charity, me.....ha ha! I love it. To me it is the greatest compliment.

Elena Blanco - Lawrence MA
My daughter Vanessa is 7 years old. We go shopping at least once a month by ourselves to share mommy baby time. Yes, she is 7, but she will always be my baby. Now I have another baby, Samantha, who is 18 months old, I'm looking forward to mommy baby time with her.

From Linda Stacer, Bellerose, NY
My daughter Laryssa and I love to shop LENOX in Tanger is our favorite place. We always walk out with something either for ourselves or for a gift!!!

From Gina, Toms River, NJ
One lovely day my twin daughters and I went out shopping for shoes as we usually do, well there was such a good sale on these sneaks that we all got the same pair of sneaks needless to say my daughters will not go out of the house wearing the same sneaks we bought if I am wearing them lol they are 12 explains all right!

From Elener McDonough
My daughter was having her first baby a girl. It was the most fun I've had in years. The prices are fabulous. We got help with all the latest gadgets.

From Julianne Henry, Jamaica NY
My daughter Tyra loves to go shopping at the Malls. Even though times are hard, she feels that money comes off of a tree but that's ok because one day she will learn. But for now we maintain the love by shopping at Annies pretzel at least once a week until times get better.

From Kari Warren, New York City, NY
This story is almost 21 years old. I was pregnant with twins and my mom was convinced I was having girls. Mom bought everything imaginable in pink. While at one of my doctor visits the Dr. told me I was having boys. She thought I knew. She said since I saw the sonogram and it was so obvious. Obviously not to me I told her. I decided I was not going to tell anyone. Needless to say mom was very surprised. After they were born I told everyone that I had known. The boys and I went with mom to make all the exchanges. Throughout the whole trip I heard how could you not tell me, how could you let me buy all pink and red clothes etc. And she told everyone at the return counter and checkout corner how I knew and didn't tell her and now she had to make all these exchanges. By the end of the day I was ready to change my kids' names from Michael & Jonathan to Michelle and Julie figuring when they are so young (and mine were very young as they were 8 weeks premature) many people are not even sure if the baby is a boy or girl. Only kidding!

From Louise Torres, Keyport, NJ
I was shopping in my favorite store, Marshalls, when I handed my daughter a great looking shirt. It not only looked good on her, but it came in my size also and I bought it for both of us! Mom and daughter matching shirts, cool!!!!!!!!

From Judy Peters, Flemington, NJ
I'm a mother of 6 children, 4 daughters! We all love to shop. It seems like we don't get enough time to shop together. Whenever we do go we have fun stopping for coffee, ice cream or lunch. We goof around sometimes and have fun!

From Mt. Vernon, New York:
I love to shop... and I especially love to shop with my mother. My Mom is 75 years old and each time we go shopping she make up a new reason to buy the items she is purchasing. For example, the last time we shopped, she bought a pair of brown pants. Her explanation was that she did not have a pair that fits her 'just so right'. Well, we recently clean-out her closet and I found 4 pairs of brown pants. Since we were giving clothes to charity, I told Mom that she should give away these 4 pairs of brown pants. Mom, proclaimed..."OH NO!...those pants fits me just so right! There's no need to give it away." My Mom's...she cute! She just loves to shop. Me too!!

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