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Run for the Wild, Run for Gorillas in 2009!
April 3, 2009 2:57:35 PM PDT
This year the United Nations has declared 2009 the year of the Gorilla highlighting a species at great risk of extinction in its natural habitats. On April 25th, 2009 the Wildlife Conservation Society will host the first annual Run for the Wild. Proceeds from the Run for the Wild fundraising efforts will help to protect gorillas and other wildlife and their habitats worldwide.

For over half a century, the Wildlife Conservation Society has initiated and supported gorilla research and conservation projects throughout their range in Africa, from the first field study of mountain gorillas conducted in the 1950s, to the discovery of 125,000 western lowland gorillas in northern Republic of Congo and the announcement of a new national park in Cameroon preserving the core habitat for the Cross River gorilla - the world's rarest gorilla subspecies.

Gorillas live in Africa and there are four species ? the western lowland gorillas, eastern lowland, mountain gorillas and cross river gorillas.

Throughout Central Africa, WCS works with governments, indigenous communities and the private sector to establish management programs for gorillas and other wildlife. A key aspect of these programs is developing effective law enforcement measures for protected species, including gorillas. WCS's education and outreach efforts focus on the bushmeat trade and target both local and urban markets. This includes developing alternative protein sources in larger logging towns. WCS Africa Programs and Global Health Program staff monitor gorilla health to understand the transmission patterns of Ebola and other diseases and are currently field testing methods to potentially control the spread of Ebola in great ape populations.

You can help the WCS take action for wildlife by supporting their 2009 fundraising efforts. Sign up today for Run for the Wild or make a pledge at