Fixing damage caused by a hit and run

Seven On Your Side
May 29, 2009 10:39:34 PM PDT
If you drive or park in the city, nothing makes you madder than dents, scrapes or damage done by a hit and run driver. But this time the car owner had surveillance tape evidence of the incident.

When even that didn't get her car fixed, she had to put the hammer down and call for 7 on your side.

"I said 'Damn, somebody hit my car,'" Amanda Jhones said.

That was her reaction last August after seeing damage to the back of her prized Mazda Miata.

But who did it?

"There was a guy in the area, in this area and he saw me and he said 'I saw what happened to your car,'" she explained.

Amanda says the witness told her an appliance deliveryman caused the damage. He jotted down the time it happened, the plate number of the truck, and even wrote down the name on the side of the truck - Greg Buckley.

"And then I looked up and I was like 'Right, my car is in eye shot of the camera," Amanda said.

It's a security camera mounted on the front of Amanda's building. It was pointed directly at the back of her car and recorded the entire incident.

The video shows her Mazda, parked out front, and a delivery truck double parked next to it.

The deliveryman loads an appliance onto his truck. And moments later, you can see his hand truck fall and hit the back of Amanda's car.

Upon a second look, you can see before the hand truck drops, her car is not damaged. Afterward, the hole is clearly visible.

"Clear as day, clear as day," she said.

The damage? A dent to the trunk and on the fender and a large chunk of the car is missing.

"There is the hole," Amanda said. "The hole wasn't there before."

When Amanda checked with her doorman, he told her P.C. Richard and Son had signed in that day with a delivery. The delivery men were subcontractors from Buckley Trucking.

Amanda says she showed the tape to the owner of the Buckley Trucking last August.

"He said, 'Oh, I can see that the hand truck hit your car.' He told me not to worry about it, they will fix my car," Amanda explained.

But Amanda says she made calls to PC Richard and to Buckley. She says Buckley told her he couldn't find the parts to fix the damage, and then stopped taking her calls.

"Just fix the car. That's all I want," she said.

So Seven on Your Side went to work. When we called PC Richard, they told us they were unaware of the problem and within days Amanda got --

"Money, thanks to you," she said.

A check for the estimated cost to fix the damage and a sincere apology.

"I scratched on their door, they didn't listen and you kicked butt," Amanda said.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Tappy Phillips