Made to order jewelry that's affordable

July 9, 2009 3:20:18 PM PDT
It can add sparkle and brilliance, whether it's jewelry or decoration. And it doesn't cost a fortune! "We're adding a little bit of sparkle to keep people upbeat in negative times, Cynthia Pino said.

Pino isn't kidding. A little sparkle can go a long way, and if it's affordable, even better.

You won't find real bling here, but the Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store in SoHo has the next best thing.

"We have over two thousand different items," Pino said.

Many of those items can be customized to your liking.

There are two ways to shop here. You can grab a bag and start loading up on your favorite items. Crystals, beads, and you can make your own pieces at home like charm bracelets or you can use the interactive computer.

Based on the coloring of your hair, skin and eyes, the computer offers up crystals that will look good on you. That allows you to customize jewelry accordingly.

Next step is placing your order. You get it about two weeks later.

Downstairs, you'll see how famous designers have incorporated Swarovski crystals. Use them as inspirations.

"I think right now everyone wants to be an individual and have something that's special to them," Pino said.

Daniel Swarovski created his crystals in 1895 in Austria.

While there are many stores that sell items featuring Swarovski crystals, this store is where customers can really be hands on if they can only take their eyes off all those shiny crystals.


Swarovski Crystallized

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