Beat the heat under $30

August 2, 2009 6:02:50 AM PDT
With the warm and humid weather we've been experiencing, how do you stay comfortable? Style expert Jenn Falik joined us with products to help that cost less than $30. EZ Combs - $9.99 at
Keep hair off of your neck with this new summer-perfect hair clip. Old fashioned hair clips won't allow you to lie down on your lounge chair or towel at the beach or pool as they bulge in the back of your head. EZ Combs lies flat to allow you to relax in the sun while looking and feeling cool.

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes - $5.00
These are the single most refreshing way to cleanse your face in the summer months- quick and simple, they cool the skin on contact and remove stubborn waterproof mascara (a summertime must!) while also infusing the skin with just enough moisture to keep it balanced without being at all greasy.

Garment Guards- $12
With these underarm adhesive liners you'll not only be spared embarrassing fashion faux pas and unsightly yellow sweat stains on sheer silk tops and cotton button-up shirts, but drastically reduce hefty dry cleaning bills. This is great not only in the arm pits, but you can place on your lower back, or cut and stick under your bra line to avoid embarrassing sweat stains.

Shaveworks? The Cool Fix? - $25.00 at
Summer heat and humidity can bring on severe shaving irritation- and this new unisex product not only cools the skin on contact to refresh and soothe, but it has a combination of 3 acids that literally free trapped ingrown hairs so you no longer have to deal with unsightly and uncomfortable blemishes.

Pampered Toes - $9.99 at
Cool down by treating your feet to an instant spa treatment. A day walking the city streets in flip flops can really cramp the toes, this stretches them and revitalizes tired feet with the soothing cool gel pads. Put them the refrigerator for a further cooling sensation.

Airplus Cool Max Insole- $15.99
These keep your feet from getting sticky and sweaty with cooling technology, breathable foam protection and an antimicrobial additive that protects against odor causing bacteria. A must for outdoor summer sports or summer weddings- when you are wearing closed toe shoes that can trap the heat and result in blisters.

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