More storms cause more damage

July 31, 2009 9:48:35 PM PDT
The winds kicked up and the trees came down as another line of powerful storms slammed into the tri-state area. It was a rude awakening for the folks in this home in Westport, Connecticut when a tree crashed through their roof. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

The counties along the jersey shore took the brunt of Friday's weather. Falling trees hit homes, cars and power lines in Toms River, New Jersey

"Power lines down all over the place. It was unbelievable. The destruction happened in like 20 minutes," said one resident.

Neighbors were armed with flashlights late into the night trying to get around their homes.

"I heard gusts and gusts. That's what scared me the most. The heavy gusts and the trees were swaying. I screamed for my son and I told him to get in the bathroom," another resident told us.

Gusts were recorded as high as 59 m.p.h. in Toms River. On just about every block you can see homes and cars crushed by debris, trees on the street and power lines ripped in two.

One tree came down right on top of Nick Poland's bedroom.

"All of the sudden we heard boom. The tree hit the house. So we didn't know what happened yet. I go looking around out the windows and it looks like we're inside a tree," Poland said.

With trees on the road, it's dangerous to get around. Our cameras spotted sparks from snapped power lines inside one tree.

Thousands of customers lost power. Crews hoped to have repairs made overnight.

In Newark, the rain poured down so quickly it trapped two workers who were lining a sewer pipe underground.

It happened at 12th Avenue and 6th Street around 4:00 in the afternoon.

Supervisors had ordered all of the workers to evacuate the sewer when the storm moved in, but two men became trapped.

The force of the water washed the workers down a block inside the sewer.

Fortunately, they were caught by an underground emergency netting.

Crew members then lifted the men to safety.



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