Campground stunned by revelations

November 15, 2009 7:42:31 PM PST
Diane Schuler crashed her brother's red Ford minivan about four hours after leaving an upstate campground where she spent the weekend with her husband, two children and three nieces. Families continue their summer vacations at Hunter Lake Campground in Parksville, but it is certainly with a sense of sadness and extreme shock over the latest revelations about 36-year-old Diane Schuler.

"I think it turned all of our lives upside down here. All of us. I literally dropped the phone, when I got the call," campground director Ann Scott said.

The news that Diane Schuler was drunk and high on marijuana when she left this campground, and drove the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway is something these campers find hard to believe.

The rules about drinking are strict. Campers who drink outside their camp-sites are to be evicted.

"I don't ever remember seeing her with a drink. I don't ever remember smelling alcohol on her," Scott said.

Maybe not, but today Eyewitness News heard from a viewer who spent at least 10 years as a seasonal camper here. He claims he noticed lots of drinking at least in years past. The viewer did not want us to use his name.

"It was not for me, that's for sure. How people could do that pretty much every weekend still amazes me," he said. "The guide rule is if you abuse it, you lose it and you're out of here. I'm gonna tell you, we did have a group of drinkers at one time and I evicted all 5 of them," Scott said.

The campground director insisted they never saw this coming, as authorities try to find out if anyone did see something at a McDonald's in Liberty where Schuler stopped prior to the crash. Investigators want a glimpse of the surveillance video.

We also tried to talk to the manager, but he declined to comment.

Back at the campground, support continues for the Schuler family. They're even having a fundraiser for the next couple of weeks, but also, hoping, somehow, to put this horrible tragedy behind them.



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