Shhh! Don't make noise in this college town

September 7, 2009 3:37:38 PM PDT
College students are back on campus, getting used to the new college year. But at one university in New Jersey, kids are also getting used to a new ordinance aimed at making rowdy students keep the peace, putting a damper on their partying ways. At Seton Hall University in South Orange, students face eviction for being too noisy. The new ordinance says landlords have to begin evicting any tenant who has two nuisance infractions within one year. If not, the landlords also face fines.

Seton Hall is surrounded by single-family homes and quaint streets. Student Brittany Mullen understands why village leaders adopted the rule.

"It's not exactly a bad idea," she said. "It's still a town. The town is there to be a town, it's not there to be a playground for students who want to have parties."

So is it a good rule or a lame act against students? That depends on who you ask.

"The university is strict as it is," student Joshua Reyes said. "Now the town's being more strict than they are. I think they should give us some leeway. We are college students. We are adults."

"They should be evicted because it's rude to the neighborhood and if they have to keep on doing that, it disrupts everyone," said student Maria Lentini.

One South Orange homeowner leans more towards giving the college kids a break.

"I don't think it's right at all, especially when it comes to students trying to get an education," James Powell said. "Certain things happen, and sometimes you don't have any responsibility for it, but it could be just because you were there."

A six-year resident of the area, Powell hasn't had to call the cops on any college kids. And now, he may never, sympathetic to the eviction penalty they could end up facing.

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