Cops: Man confesses to Bronx murder

September 9, 2009 10:00:20 AM PDT
A Bronx man confessed to killing a 17-year-old girl, whose body was stabbed more than 30 times, and dumping her dead body in a trash-strewn alley. Authorities say 21-year-old Darrell Spencer attacked Jamia Hazel sometime Saturday morning inside 1695 Grand Concourse, Apt. 6K. Her body was found Sunday.

Spencer was arraigned on charges of second-degree murder, criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence.

According to court papers released Wednesday, Spencer then dumped Hazel's body in an alley "because I couldn't have a dead body in my mom's house and because it smelled."

Spencer told investigators, according to the criminal complaint:

"I stabbed Jamia about four or five times. Then she staggered into the living room and fell onto the bed. She was dead. I pushed her into the bathroom and put her in the tub and washed her. The wounds opened up. I cut off her shirt and put it in a bag.

"I put her body into two garbage bags and put it into a shopping cart. I rolled the cart into my sister's room and then cleaned and mopped. My girlfriend Erena texted me and came over. I told her that I was going to be in trouble. We walked to the store. I dumped the shirt and gloves and sneakers near 175th Street. We went to the store and bought food. Back at the house, I had to get rid of the body because I couldn't have a dead body in my mom's house and because it smelled. Erena hit the elevator and I dragged the cart out to the elevator. Erena came down into the elevator with me. I dragged the cart to the alley and laid the body out by the trash."

The girlfriend, 21-year-old Erena Willis, was charged with tampering with physical evidence and hindering prosecution.

Willis told investigators, according to the criminal complaint:

"We had to get rid of the body because it was stinking. He moved the couch and pushed the cart into the living room. It was tough because the body was heavy and the cart was breaking. He told me to go out in the hallway to make sure no one was out there and press the elevator. I did, and he pushed the cart to the elevator. Blood was dripping from the bag so he brought towels. I take the rags and clean up behind him. We went down to the lobby and he pushed the cart towards the alley. The cart was breaking and the wheel came off. Blood is dripping everywhere and I'm trying to clean it up. He is dragging the shopping cart and takes the body out and laid it on the floor. I picked up the broken wheel of the shopping cart and threw it in the trash. We took the cart back to the elevator, but it had blood all over it and was dripping. I wiped the cart with the bags. Darrell took the bags from me. He spit on the floor where the stains were and tried to clean it. But you could still see the stains."

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