Bloomberg, Thompson off and running

September 16, 2009 3:57:23 PM PDT
Thanks to a big primary win -- Democrat and City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. will face off against Mayor Bloomberg. The first day of this campaign began early with Mayor Bloomberg and former Mayor Ed Koch greeting subway riders.

There was hardly any mention here of his democratic opponent Bill Thompson who won the primary.

Thompson picked up the endorsement of firefighters on Wednesday and, as he did on Tuesday night, he lit intoBbloomberg for changing the term limit law.

"The voters are not going to forget that Mike Bloomberg broke his word to the people of the city. He said one thing and when it was in his best interest, he did something different," Thompson said.

Bloomberg dismissed Thompson's criticism as more of the same.

"That's politics as usual. I didn't see anything. I was at my event as you know. We had an enormous turnout, great enthusiasm. A lot of people are really happy with the direction we're going in and want to continue it," Bloomberg said.

Mayor Koch has backed Bloomberg from the very beginning.

Today he said this election isn't about term limits, but about who has the financial experience to run the city in a tough economy.

"Is there anyone who thinks they know more than Mike Bloomberg when it comes to finances? If there is, show me your bank book," Koch said.

Voters for the most part sounded awfully supportive of Bloomberg.

"To be quite honest i think he's done a pretty good job under very difficult times," one told us.

Yet even a few who back Bloomberg say they're troubled how the mayor and city council changed the rules so Bloomberg could run again.

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