School worker held on child porn rap

September 23, 2009 2:36:24 PM PDT
A New York school groundskeeper is denying he possessed child pornography after a man told authorities he was victimized in the 1980s. Detectives first caught on to Deturris when a grown man came forward, alleging the longtime landscaper had molested and photographed him 20 years ago.

Investigators say the statute of limitations on the molestation had expired, but when they confronted Deterris, he fessed up to the child porn.

They say they dug up his yard, and discovered nearly two dozen pictures of at least six different boys, none older than 12. Now, they're struggling to figure out who they are.

"This wasn't something that was a one time deal with him. I don't think he's changed his ways, and I think there are other victims out there," police said.

Deturris works as a groundskeeper at the rocky point school district.

In a statement, the school superintendent said Deturris had "no direct contact with students?" though he has "been employed with the district since may of 2001. Upon notification by the police of this arrest, she said, Deturris was suspended."

"I'm sure the school acted swiftly, which I'm happy about, but scary. Since 1980 they said? Stuff in his backyard? Scary," Maggie Settepani said.

Deturris was charged with possessing child porn. He posted bail shortly after his arrest on Tuesday.

There were no signs of life when we stopped by the home he shares with his mother.

Neighbor Charlotte Brocato is holding her grandson a little tighter tonight.

"You go down the side of the house his back yard looks (nice). He's always doing work. So it's kind of ironic he buried stuff in the backyard," Charlotte Brocato said.

He was charged with possessing child pornography. Police said the statute of limitations had expired on any possible abuse charges.

The Rocky Point school district says Deturris has been suspended as a groundskeeper.

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