Paterson suggests Cuomo conspiracy

September 23, 2009 3:58:51 PM PDT
New York Gov. David Paterson made some blockbuster comments today. Paterson is suggesting that people close to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo played a role in the White House asking Paterson to not seek election next year.

That's what Governor Paterson said today, alleging a conspiracy to oust him from the governor's race that he says stretches to the smoke filed rooms in Albany to the oval office itself.

Cuomo is also a likely candidate for governor.

And the man sometimes referred to as the accidental governor said something else as well. He never wanted this lousy job anyway.

After his chilly reception from President Obama this week, Governor Paterson has apparently decided that candor might just be the way to wrangle votes in the democratic primary.

He started today in Syracuse.

"I didn't sign up for this," Paterson said today. "I wanted to be lieutenant governor. I had a grand plan that Hillary Clinton was going to become president. Maybe the governor would appoint me to the senate."

It didn't work out. First, Governor Spitzer resigned in the wake of a sex scandal and Paterson became governor. Hillary Clinton barely made it to the convention.

Paterson was asked if he thought Andrew Cuomo was behind the leaks that President Obama had asked Paterson to step aside.

Paterson answered, "I'm sure it didn't bother him." He went on to say, "You know, I don't know any tangible role that he may have played. A number of people connected to him certainly did that."

And then Paterson volunteered that some might ask him to step aside in order to promote party loyalty.

In comments clearly aimed at Cuomo and President Obama, Paterson said anyone making that argument "should come to the table with clean hands. Because I'm not sure those who are always calling for loyalty in the democratic party have been loyal themselves."

A reference, perhaps to the back room deals allegedly made between Cuomo and Obama.

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