Police kill sex assault suspect on Long Island

October 9, 2009 2:41:18 PM PDT
There's little sign of the horror one woman endured here late Thursday night. But news of the violent crime has sent shockwaves through a place many thought was safe.

It happened around 11:00 pm. Police say Frank Hernandez, 26, was wearing a mask, lurking in the shadows waiting for his prey.

When the 22 year old woman left the supermarket after getting ginger ale for a sick family member, investigators say Hernandez followed her right to her car.

"Taking what appeared to be a shooting type stance, with something held pointing directly at the back of her head, she was pushed into the vehicle in the passenger side," police said

Detectives say he drove her to a dark corner of the parking lot, where he forced her into a sex act and then started to drive away with the victim as a hostage.

He didn't get far.

"He was leaving the scene with her. We'll never really know what the final outcome would have been. The officers very well may have saved her life," investigators said.

Two good Samaritans happened to witness the abduction and called 911. Two officers arrived just in time to box the car in.

When they tried to get Hernandez out, they say he grabbed for an officer's weapon and then pulled out a b-b gun, which looks identical to a police issue Sig Sauer.

When he raised it at one officer, the other opened fire. Hernandez died at hospital.

Hernandez lived just a few blocks away from the stop and shop, where family members denied he'd done anything wrong.

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