NJ drivers see lower prices at the pump

October 10, 2009 10:44:44 AM PDT
The price of gasoline continues to fall in New Jersey. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of regular hit $2.28 in the Garden State on Friday, which is down from $2.53 a month ago and $3.14 a year ago.

"We expect prices to continue dropping for the remainder of year if current trends hold, falling close to $2 per gallon for regular before year's end," auto club spokesman David Weinstein said. "Prices have dropped steadily for a month and are down at least a quarter in that time in most New Jersey locales."

Meanwhile, Garden State prices remain the lowest in the region.

AAA says Pennsylvania drivers are paying $2.45 a gallon on average, New Yorkers $2.69 and drivers in Delaware $2.33.

The national average Friday was $2.47, down 10 cents since last month.



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