Dogs brutally abused in New Jersey

October 13, 2009 5:09:58 PM PDT
Police in New Jersey are investigating two brutal cases of animal abuse. Two dogs were slashed all over their bodies with box cutters and left to die.

Investigators believe they may have been used as bait in a dog fighting ring.

"Two people had pit bulls who were ready to attack her. She was sliced down the side of her (leg), stabbed three times in the back and tied to a tree," said Denton Infield, Associated Humane Society manager.

Only someone with a callous heart could do this, and it's difficult to see. A puppy, not much more than a year old, was slashed and stabbed with a box cutter.

She was rescued in the nick of time in Branch Brook Park by police. Investigators arrested a man and a juvenile, accused of cutting the dog so it would bleed. Their intent -- so 2 other dogs would attack her.

Vincent Miller was walking 8 month-old Kimba in the same park. He says he can't leave his dog in his own yard for fear someone will try to force another dog to attack.

It's what happened to another 2 year-old pit bull, left tied to a headstone in a Newark cemetery, bleeding to death until a 911 call for help.

"These dogs are used as bait dogs for fighting," Infield said. "They cut them up so when the dog is crying and bleeding, the fight dogs will attack it."

Both dogs will survive. They are two of nearly 70 pit bulls at the shelter, rescued from heartless abuse.

Once fully recovered, the shelter hopes to adopt them out to loving homes far away from where they were found abused. Anyone arrested for the crimes will face felony charges.

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