A monument-al mystery: solved

Seven On Your Side
October 14, 2009 3:04:49 PM PDT
It was a heartbreaking mix-up. A monument company put the wrong picture on her mom's headstone. 7 On Your Side got the problem fixed weeks ago, but the identity of the woman etched into the headstone remained a mystery, until now.

"This is terrible. You don't treat people that pass on that way. That's awful." Divine Monuments is the source of Lorraine Thomas' scorn. Last year the monument company was supposed to etch her mom's picture on her gravestone. But, she says, the monument dealer lost her the picture. As a result, the job was delayed for months.

"I would call them and say 'I'm the one that's constantly, constantly calling, what's going on,'" said the frustrated customer.

Wanda Green also used Divine Monuments to etch her mom's picture on a headstone. Divine delivered her mother's headstone, but instead of her mother's picture, it had a completely different lady likeness etched on.

Weeks ago, we helped get the correct picture etched on Wanda's headstone. But she wondered who was the mysterious other woman on the original stone?

Lorraine Thomas watched our original report on-line, "I looked it up on the internet and I cried." The New Jersey lady, who lost her mother a year ago, realized her mom's picture had been etched onto Wanda's stone.

"You know I'd really like to talk to Ms. Green," asked Lorraine. So we arranged a meeting, between Lorraine and Wanda, at the cemetery where both their mothers are buried.

Now, Wanda's headstone is correct. And Divine Monuments finally found Lorraine's mom's picture and finished her job. And two people whose paths might never have crossed, met over a common interest in straightening out a mix-up.

The cemetery where Wanda and Lorraine's moms are buried told us Divine Monuments has had so many problems, they're no longer allowed to do any work in their cemetery. As for Divine, we found their Bronx offices shuttered. But their phones are still being answered at a different monument company in New Jersey. Nobody there could tell us what caused either of these problems.


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone

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