President Obama stumps for Corzine

October 21, 2009 9:08:38 PM PDT
President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged New Jersey to keep Democrat Jon Corzine as governor, calling him an honorable man who puts the people's interests first. "That's the kind of governor that Jon Corzine has been. That's the kind of governor that Jon Corzine will continue to be. That's why New Jersey needs to give Jon Corzine another four years," Obama told a cheering crowd of more than 3,000 in a gymnasium at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Making his second political trip of the week in support of a Democrat on the Nov. 3 ballot, Obama touted Corzine's record. The governor, he said, has provided more property tax relief to homeowners than any New Jersey governor and was the first chief executive in 60 years to make government smaller.

He said Corzine also expanded early childhood education and health insurance for children, all during one of the most difficult periods in the state's history.

Polls show Corzine, the only incumbent governor facing re-election in 13 days, now running about even with Republican Chris Christie, who had enjoyed double-digit leads.

Introducing Obama, Corzine said he was proud to be the president's partner in building a better America and in building a better New Jersey.

"I ask you to stand strong with me. You do that, I'll stand strong with you for the next four years," Corzine said.

Earlier Wednesday, Christie tried to make a point that he's going to small houses like one in Paramus while Corzine is campaigning with the big wigs of his party.

Christie says he is meeting with everyday voters, telling them it's nice that the president's back in town, but he claims it doesn't matter.

"I think what it will remind them when Air Force One takes off today, it's not coming back! And if they vote for Jon Corzine, they're stuck with him," Christie said.

Christie even launched a new ad on his website using Barack Obama's own words that change is good, especially if it changes who's in charge in New Jersey.

The Democratic party and the White House are closely watching New Jersey. The race is tight.

A Republican upset could hurt the president just a year after his big win.

That's why former President Bill Clinton was here on Tuesday and Vice President Biden before that. This visit is the second by Obama.

The one thing, though, that's thrown a wrench in everybody's plan is independent candidate Chris Daggett. He's climbing in the polls and he too is touting the need for a change in New Jersey.

"We have just a lousy circumstance for workers in New Jersey. They're looking for a change so in the end, Barrack Obama is not going to vote in New Jersey. New Jersey voters are," Daggett said.

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