Beef short ribs in Harlem

November 2, 2009 5:59:44 PM PST
Whether you come for the music or the food, Gospel Uptown should be on your map.Joe Holland of Gospel Uptown says "My vision was always to do something that was a destination for the community and the visitors who come to Harlem from around the world."

Holland opened Gospel Uptown this summer, and it's catching on.

Kenneth Collins is responsible for the food. He says the menu is, "Healthy southern."

When it comes to making the beef short ribs, there's a lot of trimming.

Once most of the fat is removed, Chef Kenneth uses garlic, lemongrass, cilantro, and a dry rub.

The meat is coated, browned on the grill, basted with beer, and then covered with foil.

The short ribs are then smoked for 3 hours.

The meat is trimmed again, and served with barbeque sauce, collard greens and potato salad. This dish is the hit on the menu, and available during a quiet lunch or a festive evening of music.

GU Beer Braised Short Ribs feeds 4 Braised Short Rib 2 pieces about 6 inches

Dry Rub Ingredients Beer 2 each Onion Powder 2 Tbls Smoked Garlic 2 Tbls Smoked Paprika 2 Tbls Ancho Chili Powder 4Tbls Smoked Black Pepper 2 Tbls Dried Oregano 2 Tbls Kosher Salt 3 Tbls Brown Sugar 3 Tbls Thyme 2 Tbls Cilantro 2 Tbls Ginger 2 Tbls Lemongrass 2 Tbls

Mix the dry rub ingredients together and apply them to the cleaned Short Ribs. Massage a generous amount of dry rub into the meat, to achieve the desired flavor. After the rub marinates for about 2 - 6 hours grill the meat to sear in the spices and juices. The longer the meat marinates the stronger the flavors. After searing, place the ribs face down in a hotel or sheet pan and pour the beer over the ribs. Cover the ribs with foil, perforate the foil so the smoke penetrates the meat. Place ribs in a smoker for about 4 hours at 275 - 325 degrees, if you do not have a smoker, the same applies in your conventional oven After 4 hours remove from the smoker (or oven). Serving suggestion: If you want to slice allow the meat to cool, if not, you may serve straight from the oven with desired sauce.

Recipe Prepared by Chef Kenneth Collins