Cuomo endorses Bill Thompson for mayor

October 29, 2009 3:46:02 PM PDT
As signs went up along 3rd Avenue and with new brochures in hand, the Thompson campaign today finally celebrated some good news. With just five days to go before the election Attorney General Andrew Cuomo officially endorsed Bill Thompson for mayor of New York City.

They then spent about 15 minutes marching five or six blocks north, greeting voters, and when they paused reporters promptly asked not about the mayor's race, but about next year.

"And I'm pleased and proud to support him?. Let's do one race a time if that's possible," Cuomo responded.

Cuomo is the odds-on-favorite in next year's race for governor, but he's hasn't officially announced anything.

Thompson has said, for now, he's backing Governor Paterson.

"Andrew, at this point, is running for Attorney General. He's indicated he's running for re-election so there isn't any inconsistency there. Let's just take this one election at a time," Thompson said.

Over at Bloomberg's campaign, the mayor thanked volunteers as they thumbed through packets of get-out-the-vote material.

Once again he avoided taking any questions here and so no comment on Cuomo's last-minute endorsement.

The latest polling information is so bad for Governor Paterson that he could possibly drop out of next year's race for governor.

Cuomo claims he's not thinking about that saying for the next few days he's focused only on the mayor's race and November 2009.

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