Election Recap

November 4, 2009 1:31:18 PM PST
The most interesting speech last night wasn't delivered by any of the winners. In my book, Bill Thompson's concession speech was by far the most fascinating. Not for what he said ? sheesh, he went on and on and on thanking everyone except the printer who published his campaign fliers ? but for how he said it.

There was jubilation in his voice, having come this-close to defeating the self-funded and overwhelming favorite, incumbent Mike Bloomberg. There was also, at least to me, a hint of relief. Thompson, after all, spent much of his time blasting Bloomberg's two terms in office rather than offering a concrete vision for what he'd do as Mayor for New York City.

I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened to the outcome of the Mayor's race if Pres. Obama had campaigned even once for Mr. Thompson. I know, I know, the President campaigned three times in New Jersey, and incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine went down to a stunning defeat.

The Limbaugh set is making much hay over New Jersey being a referendum on the President. But I think the truer assessment is that the race was a referendum on Mr. Corzine and New Jersey's troubled economy and corrupt government structure.

Rather than hurt Corzine, the argument could be made that the President helped him; that he would have been defeated by an even bigger margin had Mr. Obama not campaigned for his fellow Democrat.

The big questions now: Will Mayor Bloomberg be humbled by spending about $100 million, or nearly $200 a vote, to get re-elected by barely getting 50% of the vote? And will the management style that made him a multi-gazillionaire now be tempered by his lack of a mandate?

In New Jersey, tougher questions for the Governor-elect Chris Christie. It's easy to talk about cutting taxes when you're running for office; actually doing it is quite another thing. Will he be able to slash taxes without disabling government services? And can he kill a culture of corruption that has infected much of the state's local politics?

These are tough jobs ? the offices that Bloomberg and Christie have sought and won. No matter what your politics, you should wish them good luck.

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