Veteran finally gets recognition years later

November 11, 2009 3:02:56 PM PST
A WWII veteran is finally getting the recognition he deserves on Veterans Day. Lieutenant Herbert Jawitz remembers WWII vividly. "I saw the Japanese walk into McArthur's headquarters to get the peace terms. I was one of a dozen stragglers there," he said.

And at 89-years-old, Jawitz can still fit in his army uniform.

But the one thing missing from the uniform is recognition for his service.

"You keep calling and calling all you get are machines and machines. For a year or two I sent letters," Jawitz adds.

His commission service date was right but his enlistment service was wrong.

With the help of Congressman Anthony Weiner everything was cleared up.

He was awarded six declarations, four metals, one pin and one ribbon, which was a total surprise.

Jawitz said, "Thank you for the unexpected honor. Never in a million years did I ever dream of anything like this. All I can do is say my part was miniscule. There are thousands and thousands more who deserve even more than I."

Lieutenant Jawitz and his wife Charlotte do not plan to spend his 90th birthday at their home this march. Instead they want to go to the Philippines where he was first deployed.

As Lieutenant Jawitz looks back this veteran's day, he's asking for one more thing.

Remember, respect, and honor those who have served.

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