A treasure hunt in Bergen County

November 16, 2009 2:38:47 PM PST
A jewelry owner celebrating 30 years of being in business is giving away thousands of dollars worth of free jewelry in New Jersey. Diamonds, sapphires and pearls are being placed in paper bags in several towns -- and whoever finds the bags gets to keep them.

"That's outrageous! That's incredible that somebody would do something like that, especially with the times today," David Steensma of Ridgewood Parks and Recreation said.

That somebody is Nancy Schuring. To commemorate her Wyckoff Jewelry store's 30th anniversary, the 59-year-old business owner will leave 30 bags totaling $25,000 worth of jewelry scattered throughout public places in ten different Bergen County communities.

"It's been the people in those communities who have contributed and helped us get where we are. So we just want to say thank you in a unique way," Nancy Schuring of Devon Fine Jewelry explained.

And the jewelry isn't the dime-store variety stuff. The most expensive item is this antique style platinum sapphire and diamond ring valued at $3000. Someone else will find a 17-hundred dollar white gold garnet and diamond flower necklace or this 15-hundred dollar diamond pendant.

Jennifer Donegan works next door to Schuring's store. She has her eyes set on something special.

"Earrings. The hoop earrings," she said.

Lastly, Schuring wants people who find the jewelry to contact her. She says those joyous stories will serve as their gifts to her.