Pedicab licensing deadline day

November 22, 2009 6:42:24 AM PST
You could soon notice fewer pedicabs around New York. Friday was the last day for drivers to get their pedicabs licensed.

It's a move some hope will fix some public safety concerns.

A lot of the pedicabs being inspected this week are failing, and that doesn't surprise some owners.

In fact, some of the pedicab owners Eyewitness News spoke to said they predict about half of the pedicabs now on the street are not fit.

For now, the industry is apparently OK with that. Fewer pedicabs mean more money for the ones who are left and greater regulation means people will stop looking at them as outlaws.

The ones that do pass will have to be operated now, by drivers with proper licenses, and that may make the greatest difference.

Cab drivers in the city say it's about time pedicab drivers had the same regulations that cover taxis.