"D" grade earns big teacher bonuses

November 20, 2009 3:42:06 PM PST
W.H. Maxwell Vocational and Technical High School was among the schools getting a "D" on its school progress report. In spite of the "D", teachers at Maxwell got a share of the bonuses handed-out this week to teachers in high needs schools.

The bonuses go to schools where teachers volunteered for the program. Where 100 percent of the target goals were met, teachers got $3,000. For 75 percent of the target, the bonus was $1,500 per teacher. At Maxwell High, they reached the 75 percent.

Teachers Union President Michael Mulgrew says all bonuses were well deserved, but he criticizes the system of grades for school progress reports.

Even though school budgets are shrinking, the taxpayer funded bonuses are expected to continue.