Holiday travel smooth at NYC airports

November 29, 2009 3:46:53 PM PST
There were heavy delays on NJ roadways Sunday, but it was a different story up in the air. In years past, holiday travel seemed to be a nightmare.

This year, it was a completely different story.

Most departures at NYC area airports appeared to be on time, some arrivals were even early.

Many travelers at LaGuardia Airport said this year's air travel was a breeze.

Industry experts provided two explanations for the easy travel this holiday weekend.

First, they say fewer people flew.

Second, many of those who did fly, avoided peak travel days and times in an effort to get cheaper tickets.

By doing so, Wednesday and Sunday which are usually the worst travel days of the year, were actually pretty good.

The good weather also helped keep flights on time.

However, many traveling through NJ had trouble on congested roadways.