Regulators say Zhu Zhu Pets are safe

December 8, 2009 5:13:23 AM PST
Toy safety regulators said Monday that Zhu Zhu Pets - one of the holiday season's hottest toy crazes - do not violate federal safety standards after all. A spokesman for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission told The Associated Press the toy "is not out of compliance" with a new U.S. toy safety law that began taking effect this year.

The California-based consumer group GoodGuide raised concerns this weekend over the presence of a potentially harmful heavy metal in a Mr. Squiggles model of the robotic hamsters that it tested. The group said its testing found excessive levels of antimony, a heavy metal that can cause heart and lung problems, on the toy's hair and nose.

But the group said Monday that its testing method doesn't match federal testing standards and shouldn't be compared. And the CPSC quickly reached the conclusion that the toys, which retail for about $10, are safe.

"CPSC confirmed today that the popular Zhu Zhu toy is not out of compliance with the antimony or other heavy metal limits of the new U.S. mandatory toy standard," agency spokesman Scott Wolfson said.