Cyclists re-draw bike lanes in Brooklyn

December 8, 2009 6:01:58 PM PST
A bike-lane battle is brewing in Brooklyn. Renegade bikers are re-painting the bike lane that the city eliminated along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. They posted video on YouTube. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

As of Monday, the bikers managed to restore a 14-block stretch of the old bike lane leading up to the Williamsburg Bridge. They even stenciled in the bike logo.

The city took out the bike lane recently after hearing a number of complaints, mostly about safety.

A Department of Transportation spokesperson said, "A small portion of this lane was removed as part of ongoing bike network adjustments in the area, which have included the recent addition of a barrier-protected connector lane on nearby Williamsburg Street and the completion of a unique, two-way protected lane on parallel Kent Avenue."

Eyewitness News first reported the concerns from residents. The area is heavily congested and brought forth safety concerns, like a cyclist narrowly missing a pedestrian.

But many cyclists who use the route believe it's needed. Others, like Adam Weisell, who rides the route daily, has serious safety concerns after he was hit by a livery cab a month ago.

In addition to making other improvements, the DOT will work with any community "on ways to make changes to our streets without compromising safety."

Authorities have arrested two people on charges related to the re-painting.

Quinn Hechtropf, 26, and Katherine Piccochi, 24, of Brooklyn are both charged with criminal mischief.