Paying more green for greens

December 9, 2009 3:44:34 PM PST
The unexpected California cold snap sent a shiver to area grocery stores. The price for a head of lettuce has doubled.

Tomatoes are up 300-percent!

"The price of lettuce last year at this time was half of what it is today. Like we're retailing romaine at 2.99, last year was a 1.49. so it went up. It doubled," said Anthony Romano of Fairway supermarket.

At Fairway Supermarket, customers are used to paying about $1.50 for a head of lettuce.

So you can imagine why they thought they were hallucinating after seeing price between $2.99 and $4.99.

Hector Mendoza says he noticed the price creep up over the last couple of weeks at bodegas across Washington Heights.

He says of course fresh vegetables are great for your health, but with these prices they're certainly not good for your wallet.

"I think it's insane. Three dollars? I'm not going to buy it," a customer named Anna said.

"I'm not buying it. I'll wait until it comes down," customer Allan Gruet added.

Romano says there's a silver lining -- pre-cut lettuce prices have stayed steady.

So, in the meantime, consider that as an alternative.

Grocers expect this all to get resolved this weekend when supply goes up and demand goes down.