MTA, riders facing prospect of deep service cuts

December 11, 2009 4:10:40 PM PST
As we reported Wednesday and sources are now confirming, the MTA's moving ahead on deep cuts like eliminating the W and the Z lines Up to five subway stations could close at night.

"I think it's going to be a big inconvenience to a lot of commuters," Joe Marino said.

"I think it's outrageous. I take the train for 20 years now and service is not changing. Rates go up and up," Ricky Prsaud said.

Also at least 21 bus routes will go -- lines like the M-30 or the Q-84 -- meaning a lot of hassle early on a cold morning.

"That means I have to walk four blocks away and take the five. It wouldn't be good because I live right around the corner," Justin Sharpe said.

The MTA's new chairman is promising no fare hike, but some board members say better that than such deep cuts.

"I would prefer that. I understand where the Chairman is coming from. He has already given his word on that, but the circumstances have changed," said MTA Board member Andrew Albert.

The changed circumstances include 143-million dollar funding cut from Albany and a new payroll tax off by about 200 million dollars.

Governor Paterson offered little encouragement on Friday, other than saying we're all facing tough times.

"I don't have a message for the MTA chairman. He is under the same unfortunate constriction that I am, which is revenues are down," Paterson said.

And even though this latest budget crunch isn't the MTA's fault, the agency will likely catch a lot of grief.

"And I see workers just standing around, come on! I can't do that on my job. Why should they be able to do it on their job," Prsaud said.

Cuts could take place as early as January or February and, unlike before, Albany will not ride to the rescue at the last minute.

More on the Bus Routes at Risk:

At risk on weekdays are:

  • BROOKLYN: B23, B25, B37, B39, B51 and B75
  • BRONX: Bx4, Bx14, Bx20, Bx34
  • MANHATTAN: M6, M8, M10, M18, M27, M30
  • QUEENS: Q26, Q56, Q74, Q75, Q84

    Overnight service on 25 routes:

  • BROOKLYN: B7, B14, B31, B45, B48, B57, B64, B67, B77
  • BRONX: Bx10
  • MANHATTAN: M1, M2, M16, M22, M23, M42, M50, M66, M79, M96, M102, M103, M104
  • QUEENS: Q30

  • The W and Z lines

    Overnight subway service:

  • Manhattan, Broadway line:
    City Hall, Cortland St., Rector St. stations
  • Downtown Brooklyn:
    Lawrence St. station