Greiving family is sent hoax text messages

December 11, 2009 4:09:34 PM PST
Rebecca Koster's mother, Barbara Ross, says her daughter's killer is so evil, he taunted her with text messages.He made her believe that her daughter was alive and crying out for help.

"I wanted to believe it so bad, everybody wanted to believe it, everybody," cried Barbara Ross.

Her 24-year-old daughter, Rebecca, was murdered by a cruel killer.

"How would your mother feel to be tormented and tortured and led to believe that there was hope and there never was any from the beginning," explained Ross.

Family members say that text messages point the finger of suspicion at Koster's boyfriend of 2-months, Dan Mayor.

The first text was sent from Rebecca's phone on Sunday at 11:40pm. It reads, "Dan has me tied up in a basement somewhere in Commack."

The second text arrived at 2am on Monday saying, "Don't tell Dan or he'll kill me."

"It's totally twisted, it's sick, it's demented," exclaimed Rebecca's Step-father Larry Ross.

It was twisted because Rebecca's body had already been discovered last Friday evening, burning in a field in North Stonington, Connecticut.

Relatives weren't notified of the positive identification of Rebecca's body until Wednesday afternoon.

Koster's parents say they held out hope for nearly 6 days that Rebecca was alive.

"It was a cruel and horrible thing, it was a hoax," said Barbara Ross.

Friday, state police and investigators spoke with the family. Rebecca's step-father Larry, says Dan Mayor and his sister claim they dropped her off at home after a night out at the Butcher Boys Bar and Restaurant early last Friday morning.

"He says he didn't do it," said Ross of her conversations with Dan Mayor.

Police have not named Mayor as a suspect.