Prescription mixup leads to infant overdose scare

December 14, 2009 3:34:24 PM PST
Confusion over prescription cough medicine dosage led to a scare for a Linden, New Jersey mother and her 8-month-old baby. Now, they want to know why the label on the bottle had the wrong dosage.

Jayden Trowbridge's 19-pound body was taking in the amount of medicine a 120-pound adult would take, so it was no wonder he couldn't sleep for the four days he was taking four times the prescribed amount of Carbofed DM.

"Jittery, anxious, he was crying and whining, and he's usually relaxed," mother Angela Trowbridge said. "He would go to sleep and then jump back up."

The family is worried sick over the fact that her baby suffered and may have permanent damage. The family wants answers from the CVS in Roselle. The pharmacy's label on the syrup instructs the infant to have one full teaspoon every 12 hours.

"You could overdose a grownup and kill them, much less a child," grandmother Barbara Cutcher said.

Jayden's pediatrician in Union was out of town last week. The doctor covering for him prescribed the medication. Eyewitness News checked the document sent to CVS, and it instructs the proper dosage.

The doctor's scrip reads one-fourth teaspoon every 12 hours. The family says the pharmacist claims he followed what was called in.

Jayden was born premature and gets all his medicine at the same CVS. His mom feels by birth date alone, the pharmacy made the mistake and should have known a teaspoon was too much for an infant.

"I said is this too strong for him? I said I have older kids who have taken this," Angela said. "She said it was fine." CVS corporate headquarters in Rhode Island says it is looking into the matter, leaving Jayden's family to wonder if he's been further damaged by the overdose.