Report: Rats taking over Bronx neighborhoods

December 16, 2009 2:58:49 PM PST
Rats, rodents and roaches are taking over in at least two Bronx neighborhoods. This is according to a report on the city's health department website.

The areas which report the most infestation are Kingsbridge Heights and Moshulu in the Bronx, where more than half, 63 percent of residents report vermin are a daily part of their lives.

Among the rest of the worst are University Heights and Fordham in the Bronx and Brownsville and Crown Heights in Brooklyn where 55 percent of residents deal with pests everyday.

The least amount of infestation was reported on the Upper East Side, most of Staten Island and the area of Queens bordering Long Island.

Bronx residents are excited about the rat patrol portal results. 63 percent infestation in their community means the health department can concentrate resources for their rodent battle.