Storm strands 150 on LIRR train for over 5 hours

December 20, 2009 3:55:48 PM PST
About 150 people were stranded on a Long Island Rail Road train for more than five hours by a combination of snow drifts, icing, traffic problems and equipment failures due to the weather. Railroad spokeswoman Susan McGowan says the Ronkonkoma-bound train left Penn Station at 2:53 a.m. Sunday and passengers were still on their way to their final destination more than five hours later.

The train was first delayed by snow and ice and was then stopped by a passenger car that became stuck while crossing the tracks.

Then, the train was stopped again when the weather caused the locomotive pulling the train to break down.

McGowan says the train was towed to a nearby station and passengers were put on a second train and sent on their way by 8:15 a.m. No injuries were reported.

McGowan says LIRR is offering only limited service, and delays are averaging two hours.