Homework Helpers to the rescue in Brooklyn

December 21, 2009 3:11:48 PM PST
It's free, it's fun and, most importantly, it will help your kids excel in school. It's the Homework Helpers program, and it's available in libraries across Brooklyn. Cathy Casey is among several dozen volunteers who come to the Brooklyn Public Library, just to help kids with their homework.

"I like to see kids get new concepts and have tricks in their homework that will help them to succeed," she said.

"Like on Wednesdays, I always got homework which involves me getting words and sentences called out, so cathy sometimes did that for me," student Elena Goluboff said.

And hundreds of students from Brooklyn or elsewhere are able to take advantage of the homework help.

"So kids can come here if their parents don't have the time to work with them on their homework or if they just want a second set of eyes on math or social studies or English, or they need to use the computers or the printers, which they have access to, so I think it's an extraordinarily vital program in this time," Casey said.

Some parents are helping their kids gear up, not just for homework, but for holiday reading.

"Because if you begin to slack off, it gets very easy to get lazy," parent Leslie Gallager said. "And they stop reading and they stop enjoying and they stop learning."

Even parents who come to the library with their children recognize the value of homework helpers.

"My own daughter hasn't really had to utilize it a whole lot, but I see that a lot of students who come in here, they absolutely need it," parent Sonia Gilkes said.

Homework helpers are available at 30 branches of the Brooklyn Public Library during the schoool year, but they will also offer their services throughout the holiday season during regular branch hours.

For more information on locations and availabilities, visit brooklynpubliclibrary.org/events/homeworkhelp.jsp