Couple tied up and robbed in home invasion

December 22, 2009 7:55:57 PM PST
Christmas is just three days away so that means presents are stacked under the tree, but crooks are looking to ruin the holiday spirit. Greenburgh police say that's just what happened Sunday around 4 p.m. in the Edgemont section.

Neighbor Jane Osborne saw all the police and went over to comfort her neighbors.

"I said are you alright? What happened? She said these men came to the door and they pushed me in. They had a big knife," Osborne describes.

Family members didn't want to talk to Eyewitness News about the home invasion.

Detectives say three men pushed their way into a home on Fort Hill Lane, tied up a couple in their 60's, then at knifepoint ransacked their home.

This is an unusual home invasion. It happened Sunday when most people are around. It was a snow day," said Police Chief Joseph DeCarlo.

The thieves got away with a 51 inch television set, a laptop and other valuables.

The 65-year-old man and 63-year-old woman managed to untie themselves after the robbers left and called police.

They were not hurt.

"I think there was another break-in on this street a couple of months ago, you have to wonder if the economy isn't impacting people's level of desperation," says Christine Tastan.

Police say the men did not try to hide their faces. They were even able to walk that 51 inch television set down the driveway and into a vehicle. Yet no one got a good description of what they look like or what kind of car they took off in.

Police are working with a vague description of men in their 20's who possibly took off in an SUV.

Police sent out emails and knocked on doors reminding neighbors not to open their doors to anyone they don't know, and to keep doors locked and alarmed.