Win for NJ dad in Brazil custody case?

December 23, 2009 12:37:01 PM PST
He's been close before, but never this close. David Goldman has tried for years to get his son, Sean, back home to New Jersey. Sean has been in Brazil since 2004, when his mother up and left Mr. Goldman, divorced him, and then married a Brazilian. Two years ago, the mom died. And David Goldman has been waging a battle to get his son back ever since.

The boy's step-father has been one roadblock. The boy's maternal grandmother - a Brazilian - has been another.

It's been a nasty battle. And emotionally wrenching. Now, after squabbles and court rulings and international wranglings in the highest of highest levels of both the U.S. and Brazil, it appears that the end is near. If there are no last-minute snafus, David Goldman will get his son tomorrow morning and then, sometime soon after, board a plane and head back to New Jersey.

Our Jeff Pegues has been following this saga for two years. He'll have the latest, tonight at 11.

Also at 11, some unsettling new research shows that the four-times-a-year birth control shot known as Depo-Provera might be harmful to a woman's bones.

So - how to minimize the risk?

And speaking of unsettling, the FDA today chided the airline food preparation company LSG SkyChefs for keeping a nasty kitchen in its Denver facility. The kitchen provides food to about 200 aircraft a day - as many as 35,000 meals a day for American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and United.

Specifically, the FDA found roach-like insects, dead and alive, in the cart wash area, live roaches and ants in the dish washing machine area, and it found evidence of contamination with Listeria.


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