A taxing situation

Seven On Your Side
December 23, 2009 2:55:03 PM PST
One Staten Island condo owner said it was a classic case of good news, bad news. On one hand, her management company won a $75,000 property tax refund to be split up among more than 90 unit owners. But after months went by, some owners were left wondering where's the money? "It's 3 months later, and we still don't have our money," said Sharon Hansen. She was talking about a property tax refund check she's due.

"No, no, no answers from anybody," she said.

Earlier this year, her condo's management company disputed the building's property tax bill and won, a tax refund worth a whopping $75,471.85.

Last August, the New York City Commissioner of Finance sent out a check, but that money never found it's way to the condo owners.

"Is it gonna be a credit? Am I gonna get a check? Either way it doesn't matter, I just wanna know when I'm gonna have it," Hansen said.

Hansen, a 2 year resident, has no job and could use the extra money.

"I'm out of work. Alot of people in the building are out of work. We pay alot of money to the managing agent a month," she said.

What's taking so long? Last month, we called the managing agent J.A.L Diversified Management Corp. It's director said it needed months to calculate the amount each owner would get.

But, Sharon says she was able to get that information with one phone call to the NYC Finance Department.

So we kept calling the management company for a month, and finally?

"Got my tax refund check," beamed Sharon.

Sharon showed us copies of checks delivered just days ago. Totals ranged from $660 to $1900. As for Sharon? She got a check for nearly $191.

And that made Sharon very happy. "After 4 months of asking where our money was, we finally got it. Thank to you guys.