EMT with broken wrist revives man on sidewalk

February 21, 2010 2:08:54 PM PST
An EMT recovering from a broken wrist didn't let his injury stand in the way of saving a man's life. He rushed to help save a man who had passed out on the sidewalk in Queens. On Thursday, victim and rescuer had an emotional reunion.

That 53-year-old Nicholas Esposito is awake and shaking hands is pretty miraculous, his doctors say. A heart attack knocked him to the ground last week, and now he needs triple bypass surgery. The trouble began in the middle of Elmhurst, Queens.

Esposito was walking to work when he collapsed on 41st Avenue, with no pulse. Esposito didn't know it, but several people rushed to his side. One man in particular.

Fire medic Jack Lin was off-duty, walking from Louie's Pizza. Despite his sprained wrist, he was able to apply enough pressure to do life-saving chest compressions on Esposito.

"This is incredible, seeing him now," Lin said.

Doctors at Elmhust Medical Center stabilized Esposito, but he didn't open his eyes or respond to anyone for three days, until his 11-year-old son spoke to him. Now, awake and alert, he and his family were desperate to meet Lin.

Doctors say Esposito has a bit of a haul ahead of him, though he's much better off for Lin's life-saving actions And everyone at the hospital is cheering on his recovery. You see, Nicholas Esposito is one of their own, a security guard who has worked at the hospital for several years.