Learning in school using technology

December 28, 2009 2:44:12 PM PST
Technology is becoming more accessible to everyone and some local schools are taking advantage of that, and getting rid of textbooks and just using computers to teach students. Teachers are guiding students through class, in social studies, but the materials are online.

"We're more attached to computers than books, like, we would fall asleep reading books. Computers, like, you stay active and awake," said Andy Liz.

E.B.C. High School is one of 8 high schools in Brooklyn where students take some classes through virtual high school, or V.H.S., as part of a pilot program.

"The goal of V.H.S., really, is to enhance what schools can offer to their students and to do it in a way that gives students 21st century skills," said Liz Pape.

V.H.S. Is a global network. Students at client schools share projects with students from other countries. They post their thoughts about what they are learning.

Educators at E.B.C. and elsewhere agree that one of the biggest advantages to delivering education in this way is the fact that so many students are already comfortable living in a world of technology.

"We now need to bring school up to date with them. It's no longer them just learning the content. They need to be able to take this, and we need to be able to apply it to their world," said Kimberly Cahill.

The involvement of the Brooklyn schools is financed through a federal grant, and aimed at schools that need to improve student achievement. The investment will be evaluated after this school year, but V.H.S. says their website gets results.