NYC plans tight security for New Year's Eve

December 29, 2009 6:21:32 AM PST
The New Year's Eve celebration has brought out a sea of security since 9/11 and you can certainly count on a huge police presence Thursday night as millions come out to ring in the 2010. "We always think we are up against an intelligent, cunning foe here," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

While there is no direct threat against New York City, in light of the terror incident on Christmas day, many are wondering if security will be bigger than we have seen in the past.

"Terrorists are looking to kill as many people as possible in a condensed area. This would be an ideal place," said security expert Juval Aviv.

But the Israeli security expert also said despite New York's vulnerability, it is a very safe city and he urges revelers to become the eyes and ears of the police department and report anything suspicious.

"I would definitely report. I'm pretty scared since 9/11," Wayne Goldberg said.

"I think it's our job as citizens to report anything that we see wrong," Max Shuchman said.

The NYPD's Counter Terrorism unit will be present along with many of the 250 new officers who graduated today. Canine units with bomb sniffing dogs will also move through the crowds.

The New York Police Department will control all access points to Times Square. No bags or backpacks are permitted. Emergency Service squads, drug and bomb sniffing canine units and counter-terrorism personnel will be present in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

"Don't try to smoke a joint. Don't act aggressively. We're all there to have a good time and obey the law," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Thousands of police officers will be out in force on New Year's Eve. The whole area will locked down around 3:00 p.m.

You can learn more about New Year's Eve in Times Square and the security measures by visiting the Times Square Alliance's website by clicking here.