What to do with unwanted gift cards

December 29, 2009 3:04:01 PM PST
Millions of Americans give them as presents, but sometimes they aren't the perfect fit. So if you get a gift card that you just don't want, what could you do?

There are a crop of websites out there that will let you sell gift cards, trade them or donate them to charity.

Plastic Jungle, Gift Card Rescue and Swap A Gift are among sites that will give you cash for unwanted gift cards, minus a small fee.

You can try Card Hub's free gift card exchange app on Facebook. That lets you create a list of cards you wish you received, and others you're looking to unload.

And if you do plan to use a card, there's good news. Many retailers have eliminated fees and expiration dates ahead of new Federal Reserve guidelines that will take effect in 2010.