Parking garage attendant shot in Harlem garage

December 30, 2009 3:03:39 PM PST
An attempted robbery in Harlem ends with a parking garage attendant shot to death, and it was all caught on tape. The alleged robber demanded the keys to the money box, and police say the attendant didn't have the key so He was killed.

The victim was an army veteran, and a father.

The murdered parking lot worker was like so many New York Immigrants, working shifts no one else wanted and saving cash for a better life.

Jose Lazala was working a dangerous night parking lot shift to support his young son on Harlem's West 132nd Street.

Security camera's captured a robber holding Lazala at gunpoint demanding he hand over whatever cash they had

"The guy shot him tried to make him open the safe, but he didn't have the combination. That's what we think," said Martin Madera.

Lazala had just studied for and passed a test to become a supervisor, a far less risky job where he didn't have to work the night shift alone.

His wife is in the military and lived with their son in Florida.

Police are piecing together the robbery from security cameras, hoping some clue finds the person who murdered Jose Lazala.