Woman receives 5 new organs

December 31, 2009 2:48:47 PM PST
There is much to celebrate for a young woman from Brooklyn. Last spring she was barely alive, but now she's ringing in the new year quite healthy, thanks to her five new organs transplanted all at once in a remarkably rare and complicated surgery.

At 22-years-old, Kristin Molini weighs at 80 pounds.

She buys her double zero size jeans in the juniors department.

But for her, the frail frame is healthy.

"It brings back all of these memories, you just want to forget sometimes," says Kristin Molini.

Kristin has suffered from a rare disease called chronic intestinal inmotility since 2003.

She couldn't digest food.

Every time she ate, it was excruciatingly painful.

"I was curled over, huddled over, in a little ball with a heating pad on the couch, crying, just like in immense pain. Aching, twisting turning, terrible pain," she said.

For four years she was fed through an IV, never putting a morsel of food in her mouth.

This kept her alive.

But it also created another problem, liver disease which gave her jaundice, and her skin turned yellow.

She adds, "When people look at you, whether you're yellow, or you're skinny, or you're fat, or whatever it, is hurts."

The solution was a rare five organ transplant.

In a 13 hour procedure at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Kristin received a new liver stomach, pancreas, large and small intestine.

"I think I feared not getting it more, and if I got it, not waking up from it," adds Molini.

Kristin waited more than two years for an organ donor. When she finally got the call one Monday morning last May, hours later she was in surgery.

With a new year, she's looking forward to living.

"I know I belong in the medical field, I was on one side, now I want to be on the other side where I change somebody's life," she said.

For more on organ donation, go to www.donatelifeny.org/