Happy Hour Acupuncture as bar alternative

January 5, 2010 3:25:38 PM PST
What if you skipped happy hour for something more healthy? Welcome to Happy Hour Acupuncture at Gotham Wellness. It's a happy hour that won't leave you with a hangover and one that can make you feel refreshed, less stressed and invigorated.

You won't find any martinis at Happy Hour Acupuncture, just people getting poked with needles.

Stefanie Dilibero offers the after-work group sessions as a way to introduce people to acupuncture.

For many, needles aren't too appealing. But Stefanie believes that the communal experience will embolden the skeptics.

"Some people are fascinated," she said. "Some don't want to look."

Since the sessions aren't private, Stefanie tends to take a more cursory approach. Nonetheless, 30 minutes to an hour seems to work wonders.

It's $25 for this happy hour, which is the price of about three drinks at a traditional happy hour at a bar. But with acupuncture, there are benefits.

But just in case you crave that bubbly, there's sparking cider and snacks. There's no rowdy crowd, just a feeling of bliss.

Acupuncture happy hour takes place almost every Friday between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. CLICK HERE for more information on Happy Hour Acupuncture.