Newark security tape shows goodbye kiss

January 9, 2010 6:37:58 AM PST
For the first time thanks to videotape, we are learning what a man did at Newark Airport that exposed a huge beach of security and cause chaos for thousands of passengers. So much went wrong Sunday night.

We know a TSA officer looked away, just long enough for a man to slip under a rope and pass security into what they call a sterile area.

Cameras that were supposed to be operating that night, cameras that were supposed to back up that TSA officer, were not operating.

The only video recorded of the incident is of a single Continental Airlines camera.

Terminal C was closed down for 4 hours Sunday night after the breach.

That one camera shows the whole story though.

People who have reviewed the video say it shows a man and a woman in a long and passionate kiss.

The woman, who has a ticket, then proceeds through security, but the man steps under a rope, and through a passageway while a TSA officer is apparently looking another way.

He doesn't so much walk away from his post as he just looks away, long enough for that man, that still unidentified man to slip past security.

Sen. Lautenberg says that he will release that video as soon as he gets it.

When he does, Eyewitness News will bring it to you, and then maybe we'll know who that man was, and what his intentions were on Sunday night.