"Couch Doctor" makes moving easy

January 6, 2010 8:40:07 PM PST
The Weitzman's waited 4 months for their new couch to be delivered only to find out that it wouldn't fit in their freight elevator. They were devastated.

So, husband, Jed, remembered seeing a van called the "Couch Doctor."

"So, I call this guy Sal, and he saves my butt," said Jed Weitzman.

Sal Giangrande is the owner of "Couch Doctor".

They call him a doctor because he operates on your couch. He and his men peel back the upholestry and do the unbelieveable, sawing your sofa in two.

Sal comes in and when a guy named Sal comes in with a saw you do pretty much whatever he asks of you.

This is the second operation on the Weitzman's couch because they're moving into a new apartment.

Sal and his men cut the couch in two, delivered it to the new address, re-assembled it and voila! It's as if nothing happened at all.

"Even though it wasn't meant to come apart, we found a way to make it come apart and put it back together. We are putting it back together stronger than it was made in the factory," explained Sal.

Jed agrees, they did a perfect job.

The "Couch Doctor" operates on around 40 couches a week.

They also make house calls to New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island.

In the span of 90 minutes, your couch can look good as new.