Drivers get parking tickets five years later

January 8, 2010 2:43:43 PM PST
Some Long Island drivers are getting quite a surprise as they're getting parking tickets in the mail from 2003. Leah Falco received an old ticket she didn't know existed.

In fact, because the village of Great Neck Plaza sent it out five years late. The fine had risen from $20 dollars to $115.

According to justice court clerk, 1000 outstanding parking tickets dating back to 2003 went out in November to some angry drivers and the village is blaming the DMV for taking years to send registration information.

"Great Neck is making a tremendous amount of money and they're targeting people who don't live here and don't have money," said Falco.

Falco made up flyers, calling the courtroom unjust and drew up a petition, and pleaded not guilty.

After all, she shouldn't have to pay for late fees.

"There were no real tickets and people were still paying, so when I got up I was very frustrated and said no way," adds Flaco.

Others who live and work in Great Neck, like Marcie Vort say the impossible parking situation is bad for business.

"People don't want to shop here anymore when they can go anywhere else and park for free," said Vort.

The mayor declined to comment saying there's nothing more to say.