Building goes weeks without elevator

January 8, 2010 3:56:47 PM PST
The elevator at 145 Belmont Avenue hasn't worked in 5 weeks. Five weeks is a long time to be climbing up to five flights of steps, especially if you are not young.

Margiana Richard is 86 years old and it is not easy for her to get around.

She gave birth to 11 children, but these days four flights of stairs is just too much.

A few days ago she almost fell on her way to church. Two men had to carry her back up the stairs.

"I have to go to doctor appointments. I've missed two already," she said.

Richard just wants management to fix the elevator.

Walter Huntley, 79, says he huffs and puffs trying to climb the stairs.

"I'm not making a joke, it's hard on me," he said.

Joseph Friedler is the manager of this building and says someone vandalized his elevator.

"It's out of our control," Friedler said.

He says he's working on it, but five weeks?

"We have a company working on this for the longest time," he explained.

Not good enough for Margiana or Walter. They have lived long lives and now live in a building with an elevator to help them in their golden years.

A broken elevator and a manager who gave them a paper, which has a new P.O. Box for rent checks and an e-mail address to send repair requests, no phone number and, so far, only empty promises.

"Should be fixed in the next few days," Friedler insisted.

Forgive Margiana if she doesn't believe that. We've asked her daughter to give us a call if and when the elevator gets fixed.

The city's code enforcement team has also been notified.