Gov. Paterson looks to legalize Ultimate Fighting

January 11, 2010 11:30:25 AM PST
Gov. David Paterson says he may call for so-called ultimate fighting contests to be allowed in New York to raise tax revenue and offset deep cuts in school aid and other funding. Paterson is scheduled to release his 2010-11 state budget next week. It will have to fill a deficit he projects at more than $7 billion then use dwindling revenues to fund programs.

He said he doesn't intend to seek another increase in the cigarette tax, but said the Legislature may have to consider such narrow tax increases to offset deep spending cuts.

Ultimate fighting is also called mixed martial arts and is filling arenas around the world with televised events. New York law so far bans the new wave of prize fighting.

Paterson's budget proposal will be revealed Jan. 19.

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