Missing Mazda

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Seven On Your Side
January 13, 2010 2:45:39 PM PST
It was a seemingly harmless car deal that turned out horribly wrong when a trade-in car went missing. Now, the former owner owes thousands. "It's inexcusable." That's the simple, angry assessment from Mary Giordano. Her daughter's on the hook for more than $14,000, for a car she says her dealership, Tarrytown Honda, lost.

"She's (Mary's daughter) a victim here."

Back in November, 2008, Mary's daughter bought a new Honda from Tarrytown Honda. As part of the deal she traded in her leased Mazda. Tarrytown agreed to pay off the remaining payments of $1810, pick up the used Mazda, and drop it off at Wantagh Mazda. So where's the car?

"We had no idea, this day," says Mary. "We have absolutely no idea where this car is."

That's right, Giordano's used Mazda is still missing to this day. The Honda dealership says they returned the car to Wantagh Mazda. But Wantagh says they never got it. And Honda doesn't have any documentation from the other dealership that they made the drop off.

Mary says Wantagh Mazda searched for the car to no avail. "The car was not on their lot. And he personally checked the lot to make sure, to see if the car was found."

Now Mary's daughter was given a choice from the leasing company; either produce the car or pay more than $14,000. So, who's responsible? Mary says it's Tarrytown Honda. Because they picked up the car and had no documentation to prove they dropped the car off with Wantagh Mazda.

"For the past 6 months, I've been corresponding with the owner of the dealership (Tarrytown Honda) and nothing has been done."

That is, until 7 on your side got involved. That's when Mary started to get some better news.

"Since you got involved the owner of Tarrytown Honda has just put in a claim to the insurance company."

And 2 weeks after we called? The dealership's insurance company paid off the lost car lease in full, more than $14,000. That made this mom, very relieved. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my family's heart, and my daughter's heart. Thank you."

The take away? Giordano's were lucky they got documentation when Tarrytown Honda picked up her car - and that's how they proved they didn't lose the car.

So what ever happened to the missing Mazda? No one knows. Tarrytown Honda insists it delivered it to Wantagh Mazda, but had no proof of it. As for the daughter's credit? The dealership's insurance company helped restore it.


Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone